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David Justice Net Worth

David Justice Net Worth 2020

David Christopher Justice is an American professional retired baseball player who used to play for Atlanta Braves from the year 1989 to the year 1996. Later on, he started playing with Cleveland Indians and then from the year 2000, he played with New York Yankees. In the year 2002, he played for Oakland Athletics. In the year 1990, he won the award for National League Rookie of the year in the year 1990. He was a three times MLB All-Star, and if you want to check net worth of David Christopher in 2020, then you can read this article ahead.

Early Life & Biography

David Justice Net Worth 2020

He was born on 14th April in the year 1966 in Cincinnati. He is the son of Nettie Justice and Robert Justice. He used to go to St. Joseph School and then he went to St.Clement School. He was a genius in his classroom and also athletically. He also skipped 7th an 8th grade, and he was quite famous for his basketball abilities.

He completed his graduate degree from the Covington Latin School which was located in Covington in Kentucky, and he was just 16 years old at that time. Later on, he enrolled in Thomas More College with his basketball scholarship. He did majors in Criminal Justice and did minors in Psychology. He is also a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity.

Personal Life

He completed his graduation in the year 1982, and he married to Halle Berry on 31st December in the year 1992. Both of them used to live in Sandy Springs in Georgia. They separated on 22nd February in the year 1996. On 24th June in the year 1997, they got divorced, and then he married Rebecca Villalobos on 8th February in the year 2001. She is the CEO of Exotic Spices Calendars, and both of them have two children together. He had a son named Nicole Foster from his ex-girlfriend who also lives with his family at present.

Career, Awards & Nominations

David Justice started playing in the major league in the year 1989, and he used to play for the Atlanta Braves. In the second half of the season in 1990, he finished with 28 home runs and got the national rookie award of the year. He helped braves for the World Series against Cleveland Indians. In the year 2000, he finalized his trade with John Hart. In the year 2001, he started his production in the year 2001. On 7th December in the year 2001, he did justice with New York on 7th December in the year 2001.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of David Justice is around $45 million which he has accumulated by being a professional baseball player. His salary is $7 million, and he also earns with advertisements. He has also won many awards for his awesome gaming style.

David Justice has played baseball, and he has also served as a commentator for ESPN Channel. Later on, he joined the channel YES network and worked as a studio and game analyst. In the movie, Money ball, he was played by the actor Stephen Bishop.


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