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CC Sabathia Net Worth

CC Sabathia Net Worth 2020

CC Sabathia is a renowned professional athlete who plays for the New York Yankees as the baseball pitcher in the Major League Baseball. He then commenced his professional baseball career in 2001 with the Cleveland Indians till the year 2008. He became the highest paid pitcher in the history of MLB. Here are the complete details of the biography, career, and the net worth of CC Sabathia in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

CC Sabathia Net Worth 2020

CC Sabathia was born on 21st July in the year 1980 in Vallejo, California. He was born to his parents known as Amber Sabathia who was a telephone operator and was his mother and his father known as CC Sabathia Sr. who was a sports enthusiast. He got much of the interest in sports since the early childhood while he was at the age of four years old. During this time, he used to play with his neighbor friends in which he played basketball, baseball as well as football.

His father abandoned their family in which he was then forced to be raised by his mother hence having a very challenging childhood. His mother always encouraged CC in ensuring that he gives his best as well as overcoming his weaknesses as a baseball player. He then went to Vallejo High School where he participated in playing baseball.

Personal Life

CC Sabathia tied knots with Amber who they met while he was in Vallejo High School and they later had their wedding in the year 2003. They have four children two sons known as Carten and Carsten Charles and two daughters known as Jaden Arie as well as Cyia.

Career, Awards & Nominations

He had a very successful career in his high school in which he was put in the county’s best power forward by the coaches in which he additionally made the Apaches win in the state championship. He then joined Baseball America in 1988 after coming to America in which he additionally became one of the best sluggers. He then joined the Cleveland Indians in 2001 after being called up in 2000.

On joining Cleveland Indians, he became the youngest player in the major league. He got signed with a four-year contract that was worth $9.5 million. He then remained with the Indians till the year 2008 in which he was then picked in July 2008 by the Milwaukee Brewers who exchanged him with other three players. He then got featured in late 2008 though signing the most profitable contract in the history of baseball which was worth $175 million by the New York Yankees which he still plays with this team. He has earned some of the major awards due to his achievements.

Net Worth & Earnings

CC Sabathia has an estimated net worth of $90 million. This is from the fortunes he has been making from his successful career. He earns an average salary of $25 million in one year which he gets from the New York Yankees. This has been his major source of income as a professional baseball player.

Despite facing a very challenging early childhood, CC Sabathia has had much success through which he received much support from his mother who raised him guiding him in having the best performance. He always remained determined and passionate about his career as well as having much hard work.


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