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Carl Crawford Net Worth

Carl Crawford Net Worth 2020

Carl Crawford is a retired baseball left fielder who at one time was playing as a batter and is left handed. He was drafted in 1999 Major League Baseball Draft and played for the Rays, Boston Red Sox, and Los Angeles Dodgers. The last time he played, he had very many triples about any other basketball player. Here is a quick summary of net worth, career, and earnings of Carl Crawford in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Carl Crawford Net Worth 2020

Crawford was born in 1981 on 5th August in Houston. He was very active in ‘Reviving Baseball in The Inner Cities Program’ and schooled at the Jefferson Davis High School which was located in Houston Texas. When he was a young child, he used to participate in the little league team.

In the high school baseball, he was working with a former pick, Willie Ansley after his sophomore years. He batted over 630 as a senior. His school coach advised him to get in the same team as Josh Beckett, and this is what made him join Pasadena Stars. It is here that he gained his firsthand experience in baseball as a quarterback.

Personal Life

Crawford is related to J.P Crawford, who also plays baseball. He got drafted by Philadelphia Phillies in the first round of 2013 MLB Draft, 16th overall. In 2013, Crawford broke the news that he was engaged to Evelyn Lozada. Together, they have a son together while Lozada has two kids from his previous relationship. They broke the engagement in 2017.

Career, Awards & Nominations

His professional career began after he was drafted by the Devil Rays in the second round of the 1999 Major League Baseball Draft. In 2002, he got named DEVIL Rays, as the Most Outstanding Rookie and earned Yearly International League Rookie playing for the AAA Durham Bulls. His first appearance in the major league would come when he is twenty years against Toronto Blue Jays. This is the game that made him achieve his first hit. He has played a total of 63 games for the Devil Rays by 2002.

In 2003, he played almost every single game in that season. He displayed very excellent skills, and this made him to co-win Negro Leagues Baseball Museum Award. In 2004, he stole fifty-nine bases and led the league posting the second highest total in all the majors of that season. He battled 296 with over ten home runs.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Carl Crawford is over $90 million. The wealth has been generated from his vast career as a baseball player. It is estimated that he gets paid over $20 million yearly as a salary. His contract with the Boston Red is estimated to be over $142 million.

Carl Crawford remains to be among the best baseball players in history. He has displayed hard work and dedication which has seen him grow from level to level. His excellent skills have seen him win various awards including Golden Glove Award and Fielding Bible Award.