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Arian Foster Net Worth

Arian Foster Net Worth 2020

Arian Foster is a very popular former football player from America and he used to play in the running back position. After making a name for himself in college football, he was signed by Huston Texans of NFL. He has also played for Miami Dolphins, and as a Texan, he holds the records for most number of rushing touchdowns. Today, let’s learn more about the career, biography, and net worth of Arian Foster in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Arian Foster Net Worth 2020

Arian was born on 2nd October 1986 in New Mexico and both his parents used to work at the University of New Mexico. His father played football at the college level as a wide receiver but never made it to NFL. But it was his mother who encouraged him to play football against the will of his father.

It was always a childhood dream of Arian to become a star in the NFL. He became a full-time running back during his junior and senior years. He did a major in Philosophy from the University of Tennessee, and he loved to write poetry.

Personal Life

Arian had to witness the divorce of his parents when he was 15 and shaping up his career. He was brought up as a Muslim, but later he gave up his religion and declared himself as an atheist. He was considered to be the most interesting man in the NFL at his peak time.

Arian got married to Romina Lombardo in 2011, and she filed for divorce in 2015. They have two children together, and it is said that Foster fathers a child with another woman. After Romina, Arian had a relationship with Adrienne Zach.

Career, Awards & Nomination

Arian was signed by Houston Texans of the NFL as a free agent in 2006 after his super impressive performance in the junior and senior years. But it took him nearly three years to make his professional debut in the NFL in 2009. His limited performance in the 2009 season helped him secure a permanent position in the team.

The year 2010 can be considered to be the breakout season of his professional career. He won the rushing title being an undrafted player. The start of 2011 season was not good as he was prone to hamstring injuries but he finished the season on an impressive note. The season 2012 was when the Texans officially reached a 5-year deal with Foster. The season turned out great for him, and he rose to fame across the NFL fans.

The following year was when he suffered a major setback with a devastating injury. He made a glorious come in 2014 season, and he was on and off the field in 2015 season due to several injury issues. 2016 was when he signed with Miami Dolphins for a year. But on 24th October 2016, he declared his retirement as his physicians did not allow him to take any more risk.

Arian holds the record as a Texans player to have the most career rushing yards and touchdowns. He also holds the record of most rushing yards and touchdowns in a season. His career rushing yards number is 6527, and rushing touchdowns number is 54. Arian has won several Player of the Week awards in his professional career.

Net Worth & Earnings

How much net worth do you think a person with such a short career can have? Well, he has a net worth of $30 million at present. His 5-year deal with Texans in 2012 was for $43.5 million. He earned a lot for various commercials and merchandises. He has also released a rap album in 2016 and has his own podcast.

Arian Foster had to retire early on his career due to major lower-body injury issues. In his professional career, he played as a full-time player for a couple of seasons only and was mostly injured. He made a great deal of money and fame in his short span of time. Hopefully, his musical career where he is currently focused makes his equally successful.


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