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Yeardley Smith Net Worth

Yeardley Smith Net Worth 2020

Martha Maria Yeardley Smith is an American comedian, actress and writer. She is exceptionally famous for her role as Lisa Simpson in the world-renowned television series, The Simpsons. Today, we will discuss more the total net worth of Yeardley Smith in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Yeardley Smith Net Worth 2020

Born in the year 1964 in Paris, Martha Maria and her family soon moved to Washington DC when the little Martha was still a kid. She graduated from drama school. According to her, her parents are very reserved. Both her mother and father divorced when Martha was young. Yeardley has often been teased for her unusual voice since childhood.

Personal Life

In the year 1990, Smith married Christopher Grove. However, their marriage didn’t last long with both getting a divorce in the year 1992. In the year 2002, Smith got married to Daniel Erickson, and their marriage lasted for the next six years. Smith apart from giving her voice for The Simpsons also loves to write.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Smith Yeardley became an actor in the year 1982. After acting in various school plays, she was sure of her acting skills and thus enrolled herself in a theatre group. She moved to New York City in the year 1984 and started appearing in Broadways plays like, “The Real Thing alongside Jeremy Irons and Glenn Close”.

Smith’s first film, “Heaven Help Us” released in the year 1985. Yeardley’s second film, “The Legend of Billie Jean” came out in the same year. After these two films, Smith’s career came to a pause. She wouldn’t receive better roles or would face rejection after every audition. After a while, she thought her career has come to a standstill.

In the year 1987, Smith started a new leaf in her career with “The Simpsons” show. In this animated series, she would play the voice role of Lisa, and to date, it is her most extended role. Smith never had dreams of becoming a voice actor, but with Lisa’s character, her whole life changed for the better. Smith used to draw around 30 thousands USD per episode for The Simpsons in the early days. However, with time, the payment increased, and after some ups and downs, she presently earns, $300,000 per episode.

Smith apart from The Simpsons has also appeared in sitcoms like, “Dharma and Greg”, and “Herman’s Head”. Smith was a producer for the film, “Waiting for Ophelia”. She has also written a children’s book called, “I, Lorelei” in the year 2009.

Net Worth & Earnings

Yeardley Smith at present has a net worth of $70 million. Most of her earnings come from giving away her voice for the show “The Simpsons”. From 30 thousand USD to 300 thousand USD per episode, Yeardley has come along a long way.

Born in Paris and brought up in DC, Yeardley never thought that from a Broadway actor, she would become a successful voice artist. Although people seldom recognise her in real life, it is her voice that they are familiar with and love to hear again and again.


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