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Susan Dey Net Worth

Susan Dey Net Worth 2020

Susan Hallock Dey is a former American actress. She became popular after her TV role titled Laurie Partridge for The Partridge Family from four seasons. Susan is also popular for the role Grace Van Owen for LA Law TV series that lasted for six seasons. She is a Golden Globe for the latter role. Here are the complete details about career, biography, and net worth of Susan Dey in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Susan Dey Net Worth 2020

Susan Dey is born on 10th December 1952 in Illinois, US. Her mother was a nurse, and her father was a newspaper editor. When Susan was only eight years, her mother died. Susan attended Columbus Elementary School before moving on to Mount Kisco. She finally graduated from Fox Lane High School.

Personal Life

Susan first got married to Leonard Hirshan in 1976 but divorced in 1981. They have one daughter named Sarah who was born in 1978. In 1988, Susan got married to TV producer Bernard Sofronski. She was a board member of the Rape Treatment Center and even narrated a documentary for which she got a lot of praise from different corners.

As far as other romantic affairs go, Susan had romantic feeling for the co-star David Cassidy, and they went into a relationship. But David withdrew from the relationship as he lost his feeling for her. David publicly disclosed the relationship through his autobiography.

Career, Awards, & Nomination

Susan started as a model before getting a chance for acting. After she got noticed from her modeling works, she was cast in TV series The Partridge Family as Laurie Partridge from 1970 to 1974. It was when she was only 17 years; she landed the role for her. She had no acting experience and yet, did well to get everyone’s praise. In 1972, she debuted through a film called Skyjacked.

In 1977, she appeared in short-lived sitcoms and TV movies. Susan co-starred in sci-fi film named Looker in 1981. In 1986, she got a leading role in Echo Park. This is where she portrayed the role of a stripper.

It was the same year of 1986; she was cast in LA Laws TV series for which she won a Golden Globe Award as the Leading Role in TV Drama Series. In fact, she won a few Emmy Award nominations in three consecutive years. In 1992, she hosted Saturday Night Live and the next year; she co-starred in Love & War. But she was replaced due to her lack of chemistry with her co-stars. In 1972, she was the writer of the book titled Secrets on Boys, Beauty, and Popularity. She also has six-time Golden Globe Award nominee.

Net Worth & Earnings

Can you guess the net worth such an actress can have with her limited acting career? Well, she has a net worth of over $11.5 million currently. The regular income came from her leading roles and part roles in TV series and movies. She is one of the most underrated actresses cum models as far as her beauty goes. But some brands recognized that and cashed in by getting her signed for endorsement.

Susan Dey is 65 years of age, and she is into certain online ventures. She is a retired actress and model and has settled down to enjoy the rest of her life.