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Rebecca Romijn Net Worth

Rebecca Romijn Net Worth 2020

Rebecca Romijn is a popular American actress and a former model who has been known for her role in a trilogy ‘X-Men Film’ series where she features as Mystique and in ‘The Punisher’ where she features as Joan. Both of the films are based on the Marvel Comics and has had a recurring role as Alexis Meade on television series Ugly Betty. Keep reading to learn more on the net worth of Rebecca Romijn in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Rebecca Romijn Net Worth 2020

Romijn was born in 1972 on November 6th in Berkeley, California. Her mother, Elizabeth Romijn works as a community college instructor and also as a textbook author. Er, father, Jaap Romijn is an experienced custom furniture maker. Her father hails from the Netherlands while her mother is an American.

Her parents met in the Netherlands during a student exchange program. While she was a young teen, she had scoliosis and was in so much pain. After completing her high school diploma, she joined the University of California where she studied music. She tried modeling which went well and lived in France for three years.

Personal Life

She has been married several times. The first time that she got married was to an actor, John Stamos and they lived together for six years before they got divorced. Her second marriage was to another actor, Jerry O’Connell in 2007 and they have twin daughters. In her teens, she was not sure if she interested in women or men, but after doing her homework, she found she was straight.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Her career started as a model where she appeared in very many magazines including Elle, Marie Claire and much more. She has done very many adverts for various companies including Escada, La Senza, and Christian Dior. She has also modeled for Victoria’s secret which has seen her popularity rise.

She has hosted MTV’S House of style and later appeared in multiple movies. Among the movies that she has appeared in includes X-Men and X-Men: First Class. The most recent film that she has appeared in is ‘The Librarian’ which is a spin-off of the ‘Librarian Film Series.’

She has won various awards and has been ranked among the most beautiful people in the world two times by the People Magazine. Her major award is the Blockbuster Entertainment Award.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Rebecca Romijn is over $40 million. A large chunk of this wealth has been generated from her career in films where she has played various roles. Also, she has worked as a model where she did hit the runaway for some of the biggest fashion firms.

Romijn has a house that is valued at over $1 million. She has featured in multiple films both in the Hollywood as well as Bollywood. Apart from films, one of the best things she enjoys is being a mom, and she has said several times that she would never give it up for anything in the world.


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