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Rebecca De Mornay Net Worth

For the people who are a fan of romantic film comedy, Rebecca De Mornay is familiar to them. Rebecca is an American producer as well as an actress. She specializes in romantic film movies. Rebecca is featured in movies such as Sara in the Runaway Train, Thelma in the Trip to Bountiful and others. To know more about the net worth of Rebecca De Mornay in 2020, read the following article.

Early Life & Biography:

Rebecca De Mornay Net Worth 2020

Rebecca was born on 29th August 1959 in Santa Rosa in the United State of America. Her birth name was Rebecca Jane Peach. She belongs to American nationality with white ethnicity.

Rebecca’s parents were Wally George and Julie Eagar. Her father Wally was radio and television commentator as well as a D.J., unfortunately, her parents divorced when she was young. Rebecca’s mother married Richard De Mornay. When Rebecca was five years old she took after her stepfathers sir name De Mornay.

Rebecca was born with many stepbrothers and stepsisters. For the many years she has lived they have never met. Her paternal grandmother was an actress.

For her alimental schooling, Rebecca went to Summerhill School Leiston England. For her acting classes, she joined Lee Strasberg College in New York.

Personal Life:

Rebecca De Mornay is known for not sustaining marriage and relationships. She married Bruce Wagner on 16th December 1986. Due to some unresolved issues, they divorced in 1990. Bruce was an American novelist.

After breaking her first marriage, Rebecca got engaged to Leonard Cohen. Leonard was a musician, singer, songwriter, novelist, and painter. Just like the first married Rebecca and Leonard broke up.

Rebecca got two children with her ex-boyfriend Patrick O’Neal. Sophia born on 16th November and Veronica born on 31st March 2001. Patrick was a former actor and a current news host.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Rebecca debuts her acting career in acting in an American romantic film titled ‘One from the Heart’. Two years later she acted like a girl who seduced high school student in a film ‘Risky Business’. In 1985 Rebecca played the role of the Slugger’s Wife in the film The Trip to Bountiful and Runaway Train. Both films were nominated for various awards.

She acted in the music video for the song Sara that reached billboard in 1986. In all her movie and film productions, Rebecca has left a notable mark. In the film that did so well in the market ‘Never Talk to Strangers’, Rebecca was executive producer.

Rebecca has been a nominee of Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films USA and Razzie Awards among others. She has been a winner of Online Film &Television Association Award and Cognac Festival du Film Policier among others awards.

Net Worth & Earnings:

Rebecca has made a lot of earnings from her career as a romantic movie actor and also as a producer. Her films which are highly demanded in the society, have increased her earnings with a great margin. Also, she has earned from her productions. Awards & nominations she has received has been a source of income to her.
Rebecca net worth is estimated to be $13 million.

In romantic movies, Rebecca plays her role so well. Her dedication and humor in the career have made her achieve much. Her famous film has been nominated and won awards in different categories making her a star. Despite having achieved much in her career, Rebecca’s married life has been full of challenges. She has divorced twice and got children out of wedlock.