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Pam Grier Net Worth

Pam Grier Net Worth 2020

Pam Grier is an actress from America. She became known in the 1970s after she starred in women prison movies like ‘Coffy’, ‘The Big Bird Cage’ and ‘Sheba, Baby’. She also had a role in the series ‘The L Word’. Today, let’s learn more about the career, Biography and net worth of Pam Grier in 2020.

Early Life and Biography

Pam Grier Net Worth 2020

Pam Grier was born Pamela Suzette Grier in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on 26th May 1949. Her father Clarence Ransom was a mechanic in the United States Air Force and her mother Gwendolyn Sylvia was a nurse. She was one of their three siblings. She had a brother Rodney Grier and a sister Gina Grier Townsie.

Pam’s family kept moving to different places due to her father’s work. They once lived in England and Denver. She attended and graduated from the East high school in Denver from where she joined Metropolitan state university. While at college, she participated in different beauty contests as well as appearing in various stage productions.

Personal Life

Pam Grier has no child, and she has never been married. She has however had different high profile relationships. She once dated Kareem Abdul Jabbar, a basketball player, but they broke up after Pam refused to convert to Islam. In 1973, she met Freddie Prinze who was a comedian. They broke up, and later Freddie killed himself.

She later met comedian Richard Pryor. She got engaged to Kevin L. Evans. She is currently in a relationship with Peter Hempel. She runs a Pam Grier Community Garden and Education Centre. In 1998, she was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer. She got treated and completely healed.

Career, Awards and Nominations

Pam moved to Los Angeles in 1967, and she got a job at American International Pictures as a receptionist. Jack Hill discovered her in 1971 and cast her in ‘The Big Bird Cage. In 1973 she showed her best acting skills in the movie ‘Coffy’ which became a box office hit.

She appeared on several films, and her acting was well received. They include ‘Jackie Brown’, ‘The Bronx’, ‘Above The Law’ among many others. She has also appeared in series like ‘Smallville’, ‘Larry Crowne’, ‘Law and Order’ and many more. Grier wrote her memoir in 2010 titled ‘Foxy: My Life in Three Acts’. In 2018 she appeared in the movie ‘Old School Gangsta’.

Pam Grier won Felix Award in 2018 for the movie Jackie Brown. She has also won the Golden Slate Award San Diego Film Critics Society Award among many others.

Net Worth and Earnings

The actress has a net worth of $14 Million. All this is from her acting both in movies and in series. Her wealth may continue to rise despite her age as she still gets roles in various films. She is determined to earn more even as her years progress.

Pam Grier has made more than 100 appearances in many television series and movies as well. She came to the spotlight in the 70s and never looked back. She has forged forward to accomplish what she has today. She sure is a role model to upcoming young actors.


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