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Paget Brewster Net Worth

Paget Brewster Net Worth 2020

Paget Valerie Brewster is an American singer, actress and voice actress. The first time that she was recognized was for her role as Kathy on NBC sitcom series dubbed ‘Friends.’ Her breakthrough came as a special agent, Emily Prentiss on CBS crime drama known as ‘Criminal Minds.’ Other roles that she has landed includes Elise and Mr. Mumbles on the Hubs. Keep on reading to learn more on the net worth and earnings of Paget Brewster in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Paget Brewster Net Worth 2020

Paget was born in 1969 on March 10th in Concord Massachusetts. Her mother, Hathaway Brewster, was working as a government official and the father, Galen Brewster, was working as a school administrator. She grew up in Massachusetts and later moved to New York City. Here, she attended Parsons School of Design and during her first year, she was able to make her acting debut and eventually went on to drop out of the design school to pursue a career in acting. In the 1990s, she would migrate to San Francisco and went on to enroll in the acting classes as from the year 2014; she lives in Los Angeles.

Personal Life

In 2006, during the airing of a show titled ‘The Late Night with the Conan O’Brien,’ she went on to reveal that she had received a note that indicated that Hugh Hefner wanted her to pose for the Playboy, she eventually turned the offer. She was engaged to Steve Damstra. This happened in 2013, and the announcement was made via Twitter. The couple tied the knot in 2014, and their wedding was held in Los Angeles, California.

Career, Awards, & Achievements

In 1994, she rose to become a host of the show dubbed ‘Paget’ in San Francisco Bay Area. She rose to feature in various television shows such as ‘Friends’ in the year 1997. The year that followed was when she featured in a television series ‘Godzilla: The Series.’ From the year 1999 t0 2000, Brewster got to be seen as Allison Conklin in a film dubbed ‘Love and Money.’ She has also been able to appear in a film that was titled ‘The trouble with Normal.’

In the year 2002, she featured as Jessica Green in a film dubbed ‘Andy Richter controls Universe.’ Later on, that is when she was seen in Huff. She has been able to voice several characters in various movies. Among them, they include ‘American Dad’ among many others. She has been a guest actress in very many shows and television series. She has been known for her appearance in a television series that was titled ‘Criminal Minds.’

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Paget Brewster is estimated to be over $5 million. This actress has made her fortune from her career as an actress. She has featured in very many movies and television shows. Also, she has been able to voice different characters including Dark Knight Returns among many others.

Apart from films, Paget has always had a passion for the Real estate. This is what motivated her to invest in Real estate. She is among the richest actresses in the world, and her prowess in acting has made her very popular.


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