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Mischa Barton Net Worth

Mischa Barton Net Worth 2020

Mischa Barton is a renowned fashionable television actress as well as a model. She has gained much of her popularity from being featured in a drama series known as The O.C. in which she plays the role of Marissa Cooper from 2003 to 2006. She has 3 citizenships which include that of American, Ireland and Britain citizenships. Keep reading this article to know more about the net worth of Mischa Barton in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Mischa Barton Net Worth 2020

Mischa Barton was born on 24th January in the year 1986 in Hammersmith, London. She was born to her father who was British and to her mother who was Irish. She was then raised together with her two sisters known as Zoe and Hania by her parents. Barton then went to St. Paul’s Girls School which is located in Hammersmith. They then later went to New York together with the family where she obtained her citizenship. She then schooled at Professional Children’s School which is located in Manhattan and then later went to The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art located in London.

Personal Life

Mischa Barton has been in several relationships in which she has been previously dated by Brett Simon, Jamie Dornan, Cisco Adler, Locke, Taylor, DJ Ali Love, and Brandon Davis. She was also known to be in a relationship with Luke Pritchard though they separated in the year 2009.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Mischa Barton commenced her career while at the age of 9 years in which she was cast in a film known as ‘Slav’ in the New York Theatre. She was then cast in another film known as ‘Twelve Dreams’ where she played the role of Emma Hatrick. After this, she was featured in the 3 seasons of ‘The O.C. in which she was featured in ‘All My Children’ which was an American soap opera. In 2000, she was cast in the ‘Frankie and Hazle’ playing one of the main roles of this Showtime movie. After this, it was then when she ended her time in ‘The O.C.’

After this, she was then featured in The Oh in Ohio together with Danny DeVito, Parker Posey and Paul Rudd in 2006. She was then arrested in 2007 due to a DUI after which her parents tried to come in and intervene in 2009 from which she passed out through being put in Cedars-Sinai Psych ward in Los Angeles. She then resumed her acting career on a CW series known as Beautiful Life in 2009 that was produced by Ashton Kutcher.

In addition to this, she also commenced clothing line since she was in ‘The O.C. known as The Mischa Barton Experience. Mischa Barton has played a part in several big projects which have made her be honored with several awards as well as a nomination on the Prism Awards

Net Worth & Earnings

Mischa Barton has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million. This comes from the fortunate earnings she has made all through her successful career. She has been featured in several wonderful television films which have received much appreciation. In addition to this, she is also a model that has also increased her net worth.

Following her outstanding acting skills, Mischa Barton has gained much popularity. her face is featured in several magazines on her good looks which have additionally contributed to her successful career. Surprisingly, she has multiple citizenships having lived in different countries.


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