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Millie Bobby Brown Net Worth

Millie Bobby Brown Net Worth 2020

Millie Bobby Brown is a British model and actress who is the youngest person who got featured in the Time 100 list of people. She has also been nominated for Primetime Emmy Award at such a young age. She gained recognition by the people when she did the role of Eleven in the Netflix science fiction drama series titled Stranger Things. She has been able to become successful at such an early age by working as an outstanding actress. Let us get to know more about the life, career and the net worth of Millie Bobby Brown in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Millie Bobby Brown Net Worth 2020

Millie Bobby Brown was born on 19th February in the year 2004 in Malaga, Spain. Her family shifted to Los Angeles, and she began earning by playing parts in shows like Once upon a Tie in Wonderland. She has also worked in the series NCIS. When she was just four years old, her family shifted to Orlando, Florida. Her family moves there for starting a business of their own.

To make her acting dreams come true, her family gave up everything and went to Los Angeles. When they movies to Los Angeles, she got the role of Alice in ABC’s Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. She kept doing various acting roles in her life, but nothing brought her lot of success.

Personal Life

In an interview, Millie Bobby Brown has told that she wasn’t getting much work and then had to go to the UK to live with their aunt. Her family wasn’t working well as financially. She is at her young age till now, and there is no sign of her having a boyfriend but she hasn’t revealed much about her hobbies to anyone, and it is known that she loves acting. Though she entered into the acting world because of the financial problem she made her dreams come true.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Once, she did various roles in some TV series, but she didn’t get recognition from the public and then had to move to the UK along with her family. Finally, she got an audition for the Netflix’s Stranger Things. She had to cry in that audition, and her emotions looked real, and this made her get that role in the series. This lets her get a role in the series which became hit when released in the year 2016 and she was able to earn a lot of awards. She also got nominated for a number of awards at such a young age.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Millie Bobby Brown is around $3.5 million which is enough for a teenage girl. She has been able to gain huge fame with this TV series on Netflix. Stranger things had made her a big star which let her gain huge recognition in such an early age. She is a down to earth girl who talks in a nice way everywhere she goes. There is a lot of more success which is waiting for her in her future life. She is going to get a lot of roles because of her acting style as she can play serious roles even at such a young age.

Not only she has young fans, but she has been able to impress adult people also. She resides in the heart of people as she has done a great job in the TV series. Although, there was a time when she hasn’t been able to get better roles, and she had her family had to move to the UK but then she got a role in Netflix series, and her life changed completely as the best time came when she least expected it. It is expected that she is going to achieve a lot in her life and acting career.