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Meryl Streep Net Worth

Meryl Streep Net Worth 2020

When it comes to acting, Meryl Streep is arguably the most accomplished actresses of all times in Hollywood. With a career spanning for over four decades, she has enjoyed stints in theatre and TV. She loves to help the needy through charity works and is also an active member of politics. Her career has been backed up by the numerous awards and nominations she has received in this time. Below is a comprehensive look at the net worth and earnings of Meryl Streep in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Meryl Streep Net Worth 2020

She was born as Meryl Louise Streep in the year 1949, June. Her home place in New Jersey where she was raised. Her father was Harry William, an official at a pharmaceutical company and mother; Mary Wilkinson was an art editor. Meryl is the eldest child of the couple. Her brothers, Dana and Harry, have also ventured into the film industry both as actors and producer respectively.

Meryl’s acting prowess was discovered when she was still very young and starred in various plays while she was still in high school. She studied at Bernard’s high school, and after completion enrolled at Vassar College when she received a lot of recognition for acting, as result of the money she received for her roles, she was able to finance her further studies at Yale University where she graduated with a master’s degree.

Personal Life

Meryl met and was married by Don Gummer who is a sculptor artist. The couple has since then been blessed with four children and currently reside in California.

Career, Award, & Nominations

Meryl commenced her career when she was still very young. She has ever since appeared in 64 movies, a combined 24 TV shows and live plays performances. Her career has been active for a spectacular 43 years. She is versatile and can perform in any character however difficult it is and has been recognized to change characters to add more suitability to them.

She started by acting plays like the cherry orchard and happy end before making her Hollywood debut a small budgeted movie called Julia. It was the movie Deer Hunter that was her breakthrough stating that she took the movie for personal reasons rather than professional. She rose to fame by featuring in TV shows and miniseries like Holocaust which proved to be a major boost also.

From ever since she acted in many dramas, and comedies like Death Becomes Her, Out Of Africa and Sophie’s Choice which garnered success commercially.

She has established herself as a comedy icon with many successful acts in the past.

Meryl is known to work hard after she is given roles. She would even go to the extent of learning new languages to fit in perfectly with the character.

As a result of the esteem, she has gone ahead to win three academy awards and eight golden globe awards. She has also won Emmy Awards for the film Holocaust she has received numerous nominations which boosted her recognition globally.

She has been awarded the highest honors in the USA, Presidential Medal of Freedom and National Medal of Art.

Net Worth & Earnings

Meryl is one of the highest-paid actresses and is recorded to have a net worth valued at $110 million. At one point in her career, she has been paid $1 million and $5 million per movie. The main source of all this wealth is primarily acting in which she put her effort and zeal to it.

Meryl has been given a lot of titles since her debut. She has been called the queen of Hollywood at times. She is humble and is known to be an active philanthropist. She is also charitable, donating huge amounts of money to charity. She is also active in the industry which means her value could be on the rise in future.


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