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Melissa Gilbert Net Worth

Melissa Gilbert Net Worth 2020

Melissa Ellen Gilbert is a famous actress who has worked in various commercials in her early age after which she started working in the TV shows. She has also worked as a TV director and gained huge wealth with her work. She worked in many TV films and had also participated in the dance show once. From the year 2001 to the year 2005, she worked as the president of Screen Actors.

She also won democratic primary in the year 2016, but later she dropped out after her accident in the year 2012. If you are interested to know about the net worth of Melissa Gilbert in 2020, then you can read this article ahead.

Early Life & Biography

Melissa Gilbert Net Worth 2020

She was born on 8th May in the year 1964 in Los Angeles in California. She was the daughter of Kathy Wood and David Darlington. She was placed for adoption after her birth and then adopted by Paul Gilbert who was a famous comedian and actor. Later on, he also adopted Jonathan, and her adoptive parents got divorced after she turned eight years old.

Personal Life

She was in a relationship with Rob Lowe but later on, break up with him. She got married to Bo Brinkman on 22nd February in the year 1998, but their relationship ended just after seven weeks, but she got pregnant after one month and had birth to a son. Both of them divorced each other in the year 1992. She got married in the year 1995 and then became pregnant, and she had her second son. She is also the stepmother of two sons.

In the year 2013, she got married to Timothy Busfield, and now they are living in Howell, Michigan together. She had to face a lot of tax issues in her career, and she got into tax debt because of stalled career and divorces. She used to suffer from drug abuse and alcoholism problem, and she has also written an autobiography in the year 2009.

She had to go through the surgery of disc replacement which was successful and in the year 2015, she got her breasts implanted for some health problems. She gave birth to her son because her Landon died and in honor of him, she named him Michael.

Career, Awards & Nominations

She started working in the TV commercials from an early age, and she was better than more than five hundred child actresses. She began working in television as the main actress and then was able to work as a voice actress also. She has been nominated for many awards and has also gained some of them. She has won many youth awards because she used to perform remarkably in the TV series and movies.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Melissa Gilbert is around $1 million which she has accumulated by working as an Actress and director. Melissa has given many hit movies and has directed superhot ones. She has also been nominated for an Emmy award, and she is also a businesswoman. Her business mind made her able to earn huge amount of money in her career.

Melissa Gilbert is a famous actress who was adopted just one day she was born. Her adoptive parents raised her and both of them divorced after she turned eight years old. She has worked in many commercials and TV shows. She was ranked among the top child actresses in her time, and she has gained a lot of fame and name with her hard work and dedication. She is going to get more success in her career even though her personal life wasn’t much stable.


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