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Maggie Smith Net Worth

Maggie Smith Net Worth 2020

Acting is a profession mostly dominated by female gender though it is catching the attention of male gender nowadays. One such lady is Maggie Smith who is an actress from the United Kingdom and great actress of her generation, and her popularity has not died up to now. Here is a quick summary of net worth, career, and earnings of Maggie Smith in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

Maggie Smith Net Worth 2020

Maggie Smith was born on 28th December 1934 in a town of Ilford United Kingdom. Her birth certificate name is Margaret Natalie Smith. Her parents were Nathaniel Smith from Newcastle, a pathologist who worked with the University of Oxford and the mother was Margaret Hutton from Scotland and was a secretary. Maggie’s mother died in 1977 while the father died in 1991.

Maggie has two siblings Ian Smith an architect and Alistair Smith who passed on in 1981. She studied at Oxford School and dropped out to follow her passion and acquire professional skills in acting at Oxford Playhouse.

Personal Life:

Maggie’s marriage life encountered some challenges. She got married to Robert Stephen who was an English actor in 1967 ten days after they got their first born. Due to misunderstandings their marriage to not materialize and the duo divorced on April 1975. During their union, Maggie and Robert bore two sons namely Chris Larkin, an actor born in 1967 and Toby Stephen a director born in 1969.

After two months Maggie got married on June 1975 to Beverley Cross who had his career as a screenwriter and a playwright. As fate would have it, Beverley Cross passed on in 1998.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Maggie began her career at the age of seventeen years in a comedy play titled the Twelfth Night. She made many acting roles in different movies, but in 1969 she received an award through her performance in a film called the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. She has continued to act in different movies and drama shows like Harry Potter, California Suite, Downtown Abbey and many more where she has left a mark of perfection.

She is the most awarded actress with over two hundred award-winning and nominations. Some of them include seven British Academy and Film and TV Art Awards, four Emmy Awards, two Women Circle Critics Awards and much more.

Net worth and Earnings:

Maggie Smith has earned a lot of money from her career as an actress in movie production over the year’s example is the Harry Potter movie. Her many acting roles in different films have garnered her a lot of wealth. The awards on honours she has received over the decades has increased her net worth in a significant way.

Currently, Maggie’s net worth is estimated to be over $25 million.

Maggie, having been diagnosed with two life-threatening illness, in 1988 diagnosed with Graves illness where she went for surgery and radiotherapy and in 2007 she was diagnosed with breast cancer from which she recovered, and despite the diagnoses and the stigma accompanied with it, Maggie has continued to shine in her profession.

Maggie holds a record of someone who gives back to the society through her charity work.