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Lynda Carter Net Worth

Lynda Carter Net Worth 2020

Lynda is one of the well-known actresses. Apart from acting, she is also a songwriter, a singer and a model who holds a title of a beauty pageant. Additionally, many people also know her for hosting a live-action television series in America by the name Wonder Woman. This program made her more famous. The articles will talk more about the life and net worth of Lynda Carter as per 2019 will also be revealed.

Early Life & Biography:

Lynda Carter Net Worth 2020

She was born in 1951 in Phoenix, Arizona. She is the youngest in a family of three. Throughout her childhood and teen years, she studied drama and classical dance. She attended State University for a short while before dropping out to join her high school rock band in touring the world and singing. By 1972, she had returned home, and she began her modeling career. This worked for her since she won a Miss USA title in 1973 after joining a local beauty pageant.

Personal Life:

In the late 1990s, Carter was addicted to alcohol, but she decided to battle with it privately. She took herself to a rehab clinic when she got some counseling, and she was able to overcome the addiction. Since then, she has remained sober all through. In 1977, she got married to Hollywood manager and producer, Ron Samuels. Later in 1982, the couple divorced. In 1984, she married Robert Altman, a lawyer in Washington. Carter and Robert have to children, Jamie and Jessica.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Winning Miss World USA in Arizona beauty contest is one of Carter’s achievements. Wonder Woman was one of her big projects and the one that made her more popular. Apart from that, she also appeared live in Las Vegas and also in several television shows such as Smallville, Law and Order and Two and a Half Men among others. In addition, she also appeared in Dukes of Hazzard film version.

She also played Mama Morton in the Chicago production, West End London. She has been nominated seven times in ALMA Awards, Behind the Voice Actors Awards, NAVGTR Awards and TV Land Awards for three times. However, she has also won several awards. She won TV Land Award in 2004, The WIFTS Foundation International Visionary Awards in 2017, Gracie Allen Awards in 2016 and Walk of Fame in 2017.

Net Worth & Earnings:

Out of her career as a singer, model, and actress, Lynda has accumulated a lot of wealth leading to an approximately $12.5 million net worth. Her net worth is more likely to increase since she is still active in her career, which means she will continue earning and accumulating her wealth.

Lynda who is commonly known as Wonder Woman is known for her acting, modeling, and singing. This is a passion in Carter that could be traced from her young age. She loves her career and does her job, and as a result, she has gotten a lot of returns out of her work. She is an entertainer who always ensures that her fans are happy with what she does. This has led to her receiving several nominations and awards.


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