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Leah Remini Net Worth

Leah Remini Net Worth 2020

An actress by profession, the American, Leah Remini is known worldwide for her appearance in multiple TV shows across her career. ‘The King of Queens’ is the most popular show she has featured in and to add to her acting prowess, she is an author and a producer of several films. Though previously a Scientologist, she is currently endeavoring in anti-Scientologist projects. Here is a close look at the net worth, career, and earnings of Leah Remini in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Leah Remini Net Worth 2020

Born as Leah Marie Remini in Brooklyn, New York, Leah was born in 1970 on June 15. Her mother is Vicki Marshall and father George Remini, and she was brought in the Christian way as a Catholic, but when she came of age, she decides to join the church of Scientology at the age of nine.

Personal Life

After getting engaged to Angelo Pagan, they married in 2003. They were blessed with a daughter, Sofia in 2004. After joining the church of Scientology as a child, Leah left the church later in 2013 and has been an open critic of the corrupt nature of the church members. She has gone to the extent of writing a personal memoir which she called ‘troublemaker’ in her bid to fight the crude ways of some of the members of the church. Leah is passionate when it comes to religion since she was a child and her recent antics have proven this sufficiently.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

Leah commenced her career by making guest appearances in several TV shows. Her first came in 1988 when she was featured in an episode of ‘Head Of Class ‘after this there was no stopping her as she was included in Living Dolls, Normal Life, Who’s The Boss, Paradise, NYPD Blue, Match Game, Cheers, The Hogan Family, Phineas And Ferb and the famous ‘Friends’.

From the year 1990 she made a host of appearances including in Saved by the Bell and the Man in the Family In 1991, Getting Up And Going Home In 1992, First Time Out, Home Improvement, Fired Up, Phantom 2040, Evening Shade And Harlan And Marleen And Starred In King Of Queens In 1998.

The 21st century has also proved to be eventful with cameo appearances in Old School In 2003, In the Motherhood, Married Not Dead, It Takes a Village, Family Tool as the lead, dancing with the Stars, The Exes, Handsome, Mad Families, and The Clapper and since Last Year She Has Been in Kevin Can Wait. Leah has also ventured in hosting shows like the talk in 2011 and dancing with the stars in 2013.

In the course of her career, Leah has been nominated in several categories of awards and has also gone on to win some. She is the winner of a Primetime Emmy Award and PGA award. She had also been nominated for an association award last year. She has been successful in her career which serves as her biggest achievement.

Net Worth & Earnings

Leah has had an outstanding career which has undoubtedly made her realize a net worth of over $25 million; this value had accumulated from when she was very young though appearances in TV shows and movies which went in to become successful commercially. Hosting shows have been fundamental to realizing this value too.

Leah is probably one of the most popular actresses internationally. She has a huge fan base all over the world who follow her on a daily basis through social media and TV. She also has an exceptional character and has worked in various jobs to make her dream come true including as a cashier and waiter. She has come a long way ever since, and the sky is the limit for her.


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