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Kim Basinger Net Worth

Kim Basinger Net Worth 2020

Acting has become today’s order of the day. People love to be entertained and are ready to go to any extent to pay for an opportunity to be happy and entertained. This is the secret Kim Basinger discovered. Kim is an American actress who is popularly addressed as ‘Kim’ by her fans. Let’s find out how much is the net worth of Kim Basinger in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Kim Basinger Net Worth 2020

Kim Basinger was born on 8th December in Athens, Georgia on December 8, 1953. She was the third born in a family of five. Her parents were Ann Lee and Donald Wade Basinger and were both working in the entertainment field.

Basinger’s mum was majorly involved in acting, swimming, and modeling and she featured in different films. At the same time, Donald Wade was a loan manager, an American soldier as well as a musician. Nobody thought Kim

Personal life

Kim Basinger has been involved with different men since 1970. Her first relationship was with Dale Robinette whom she dated in the 1970s. They not only dated with Dale but they also started living together before they broke up.

After her break up with Dale, Kim entered into another relationship with Synder Britton and got officially married in 1980. Their marriage, however, lasted for nine years only and she divorced Britton in 1989. Britton released a book titled “Longer than forever” after breaking up with Kim Basinger.

A few years later Basinger married Alec Baldwin who was an actor. They formalized their wedding. The two met as Alec Baldwin was playing a role in “The Marrying Man.” The couple was blessed with a daughter who was born on 23rd October 1995.

Just like her past relationships, this marriage didn’t last long as well. They separated a few years later followed by a divorce which was completed on 3rd February 2002. Baldwin wrote a book six years after his divorce with Kim.

Carrier, awards, and nominations

Basinger started off her acting career on television in 1976 . She made her first appearance in a television series titled Charlie’s Angels McMillan & Wife. Kim, however, didn’t start off as an actor but as a top model.

After her first appearance on TV, she took different roles in various TV shows like; Portrait of a centerfold, Natalie Wood, From Here to Eternity among others. She was titled the best-supporting-actress on Academy Award.

Basinger Kim has also played significant roles in other TV shows, and movies a few examples being Never Say Never Again, Final analysis, Cellular, 8 Mile and many more.

Net worth and Earnings

Kim Basinger has an estimated net worth of $50 million. Much of Kim Basinger’s wealth has been earned through modeling and different roles she plays in various movies and films. Kim has also been featured in different commercial adverts which have also contributed to her earnings.

Basinger is a hardworking woman who loves what she does. Despite her several failed marriages; Kim has never lost her focus in her career. Basinger is a passionate supporter of animal rights and a vegetarian. She has posed in various PETA advertisements.


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