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Kate Jackson Net Worth

Kate Jackson Net Worth 2020

Kate Jackson is a famous American actress, director, and producer. She is renowned for appearing as Sabrina Duncan in television series 1970s ‘Charlie’s Angels’. Also, she is well-known for playing Amanda King in series 1980s ‘Scarecrow and Mrs. King’. Continue reading to find the net worth of Kate Jackson as of 2019.

Early Life & Biography:

Kate Jackson Net Worth 2020

Kate Jackson was born on 29th October 1948 in Birmingham, Alabama, the US, to Ruth and Hogan Jackson. Kate Jackson was educated at Brooke Hill School for Girls and the University of Mississippi. During her college life, she was a member of the Delta Rho chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma organization. In her sophomore year, she moved to New York to attend American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Personal Life:

Kate Jackson and Tom Hart were married but, now they are divorced. Kate Jackson has one son named Charles Taylor.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Kate Jackson served in Rockefeller Centre studios as NBC’s network page. She was in summer stock in Stowe, Vermont. She played the ghost called Daphne Harridge in 1960s soap-opera ‘Dark Shadows.’ Other actors of ‘Dark Shadows’ were David Selby, Grayson Hall, John Karlen, Lara Parker, Nancy Barrett, and Thayer David. These actors along with Kate Jackson appeared in the television movie series called ‘Night of Dark Shadows.’ Kate Jackson enacted as Tracy Collins in the 1971s ‘Night of Dark Shadows’.

Kate Jackson played Jill Danko, the nurse, and wife of Mike Danko in the crime drama series ‘The Rookies.’ This 1970s show ran for four seasons from 1972 to 1976. Since Kate Jackson was a supporting actor, she spent her free time studying, editing and directing. Kate played the popular role of Sabrina Duncan on the television series, 1976s ‘Charlie’s Angels.’ Kate Jackson appeared in ‘James at 15’ and in ‘Scarecrow and Mrs. King.’ Kate Jackson appeared in several television films. She was in the Vietnam theatrical war 1972s ‘Limbo’ with soldiers belonging to MIA, POWs and those Killed In Action (KIA). Also, she enacted in 1975s ‘Death Scream’.

For appearing in ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ Kate Jackson got nominated for 2 Emmys for the Outstanding Lead Actress in the Drama Series category (1977, 1978). Also, she got nominated for Golden Globes Awards for the Best Actress in Television Series Drama. Kate Jackson got another Emmy nomination for appearing in ‘James at 15’. Kate Jackson got nominated for another Emmy and Golden Globe for appearing in ‘Scarecrow and Mrs. King.’

Net Worth & Earnings:

As of now, the net worth of Kate Jackson is $11.5 million. Most of her wealth has come from her successful career as an actor, director, and producer. Since the 1970s, Kate Jackson has appeared in several television series and movies. She made a name playing as Mrs. Amanda King in ‘Scarecrow and Mrs. King.’ She appeared in 89 episodes (1983-1987). Kate appeared in 70 episodes of ‘Shadows’ (1970-1971) and 69 episodes of ‘Charlie’s Angels.’

Kate Jackson announced she would be releasing her memoir entitled ‘The Smart One’ in 2011. However, the memoir was published in February 2015.


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