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Jennifer Aniston Net Worth

Jennifer Aniston Net Worth 2020

Jennifer Aniston, along with other F.R.I.E.N.D.S cast -mates, established a name with her acting skills & stylish looks in the role of Rachel Green. Being the highest paid actress, as mentioned by Guinness World Records, don’t you think she must be holding considerable riches in her bank? Being a talented & successful woman, one must ponder over her other assets too.

However, since she has outlived two divorces with one still ongoing, it becomes more interesting as to how much it must have cost her. Let’s grasp the things you might not be aware of, about the many award-winning businesswoman, TV actress and producer Jennifer Aniston and her net worth as of 2019.

Early Life & Biography:

Jennifer Aniston Net Worth 2020

Daughter of actor John Aniston and actress Nancy Dow, Jennifer Aniston was born in Sherman Oaks, California on February 11, 1969.

She attended Waldorf School at the age of six. Her parents separated when she was nine. They both were successful TV artists of their time. Jennifer Aniston was only 11 when she found herself interested in a TV career. She graduated from Manhattan Fiorello High School of Music & Art and was a member of the drama society there. She was taught acting by Anthony Abeson, a drama teacher in the school.

Personal Life:

Jennifer Aniston shared a high-profile relationship with actor Brad Pitt and married him in 2000. She described her relationship as beautiful & complicated, as it witnessed a separation followed by a divorce in 2005. There had been reports of Brad Pitt being involved with another actress Angelina Jolie that caused the harm to their marriage. Jennifer Aniston, however, started dating Justin Theroux in 2011 and wedded him in 2015. This relationship too though ended in separation on February 2018.

Career, Awards, & Nominations:

Jennifer Aniston started her career back in 1988 with Off-Broadway productions working for various shows and also at other part-time jobs.

Her first TV show was ‘Molloy’ in 1990 followed by other short-lived TV comedy shows. It was in 1994 finally that she was cast with the help of NBC in “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” It was a turning point in her career as the show was a huge success, and her role as Rachel Green was massively appreciated. She rose and achieved immense fame in her career with the help of a new name- Rachel Green that the famous show provided her. The show aired 10 seasons ending in 2004 but still remains a widely viewed series throughout the world.

She then continued her acting career with successful movies like “He’s Just Not That into You” of 2009. She has received five Emmy nominations and many other awards including the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Friends, Screen Actors Guild Award and Golden Globe Award. Guinness World Book of Records mentions her as the highest paid TV actress of all time as she received $1 million per episode for the final season of “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.”

Net Worth & Earnings:

Incredibly famous Jennifer “Rachel” Aniston has a net worth estimated at around $250 million which she accumulated with the help of the sitcom “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”, films, TV acting, and endorsement deals with various brands. She makes around $35 million on an annual basis making her the second highest paid actress today. She made $1.25 million per episode for the final season of “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”!

She has signed deals with firms like Smart Water, Emirates, Skincare, and Aveeno among others. She owns a lavish mansion in Beverly Hills and drives around in many luxury cars including a Range Rover.

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel with the character of Ross was the matter of much public anticipation as the ‘We Were on a Break’ couple. The astounding performance, ‘The Rachel-Haircut’ & the quirky fashion sense featured by her through the character of Rachel has won her undying stardom. In her real life though, she is going through a broken marriage, but we believe she will face it well and shine through.


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