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Heather Locklear Net Worth

Heather Locklear Net Worth 2020

Heather Locklear is a renowned American actress who has been majorly known for the role she played in Melrose Place as Amanda Woodward. In addition to this, she has been featured in other television series and movies which have contributed to her popularity. Here is a quick summary of net worth, career and earnings of Heather Locklear in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Heather Locklear Net Worth 2020

Heather Locklear was born on 25th September in 1961 in Los Angeles, California. She was born to her parents known as Diane Locklear who was working in Disney Channel’s production executive in the Walt Disney Company and her father was known as William Locklear who was working in the University of California as an administrative member.

She grew together with her siblings who include one brother known as Mark Locklear and her sisters Laurie and Colleen. She completed her studies at the University of California in Los Angeles in the year 1979 where she majored in psychology. She however dropped after one year as she was unable to concentrate with her studies.

Personal Life

Heather Locklear tied knots with Tommy Lee who was a Greek-American musician in 1986 though they later separated in 1993. She was then married by Richie Sambora who was also a musician in 1994 with whom they got one daughter but later separated in 2007. After this she then dated other celebrities such as Tom Cruise, David Spade, Marc Mani, William Shatner, Jack Wagner and Larry Porush.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Heather Locklear commenced her career through playing small roles on television shows such as ‘Eight Is Enough’ and ‘Chips’. She joined a producer known as Aaron Spelling from whom she got an opportunity to be cast in shows such as Dynasty and T.J. Hooker. Her breakthrough in her career came in 1993 when she was cast in Melrose Place which was a Fox’s primetime soap opera from which she played the role of Amanda Woodward.

During this time she with this series from 1993 to 1999 which made her land in winning television Land Award and became the First Americans in the Arts. She embarked to her career in 2009 when she was featured in a television movies such as Shattered Mind and Texas Justice and also Spin City. She has been recently featured in a Television Series known as Fresh Off the Boat.

She has also been featured in a fiction horror film known as Firestarter in 1984 and later to a comedy film known as The Return of Swamp Thing. Following the success in her performance, she was has won several awards which include the Golden Raspberry Awards among other awards.

Net Worth & Earnings

Heather Locklear has an estimated net worth of $11.5 Million. This comes from the fortunate earnings she has heard all through her earnings as an actress. In addition to this, she has also been a model. Her main source of income has been in her acting career which she began in 1979 after which she has been featured in several films and movies.

Heather Locklear had some controversies on suspicion of driving in California. She has also been sentenced for 3 years on an informal probation. However, she has remained determined in her career from which she has had much success.


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