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Goldie Hawn Net Worth

Goldie Hawn Net Worth 2020

Goldie Hawn is a famous American actress, producer, director, singer, and author. Goldie Hawn appeared in several television series and movies. Goldie Hawn won the academy award for enacting in ‘Cactus Flower.’ Continue reading to find the net worth of Goldie Hawn as of 2019.

Early Life & Biography:

Goldie Hawn Net Worth 2020

Goldie Hawn was born as Goldie Jeanne Hawn on 21st November 1945 in Washington, D.C., the US. Her mother, Laura (née Steinhoff; 27th November 1913 to 27th November 1993) owned a jewelry shop and a dance school.

Her father, Edward Rutledge Hawn (28th September 1908 to 7th June 1982), was a band musician who performed in Washington DC. She was named after her mother’s aunt. Goldie Hawn has a sister, Patti Hawn (b.24th March 1938) who is an entertainment publicist. They had a brother, Edward Jr. (10th February 10, 1937) but, died as an infant.

Goldie spent her childhood in Takoma Park, Maryland and studied at Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring. For a short time, Goldie studied drama at the American University but, left to pursue her career.

Personal Life:

In 1983, Goldie Hawn met actor Kurt Russell and married in 1986 when their son, Wyatt was born. Earlier, Goldie Hawn was married to singer Bill Hudson and had two children. Her daughter, Kate Hudson is an actress and son, Oliver Hudson is an actor who is known for appearing in ‘Rules of Engagement’ (2007-2013), CBS sitcom. The children consider Kurt Russell as their father.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Since three years old, Goldie Hawn took lessons in ballet and tap dancing. In 1955, Goldie danced ‘The Nutcracker,’ the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo production. In 1964, Goldie first danced on stage as Juliet in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in Virginia Shakespeare Festival production. By then, Goldie Hawn taught in a ballet school.

In 1964, Goldie Hawn first appeared in a dance production of Can-Can at the Texas Pavilion, a fair of New York World. One year later, Goldie began working as a dancer. She appeared as a go-go dancer in New York City, and at the Peppermint Box, New Jersey.

After appearing on television series, ‘Laugh-In,’ Goldie gained national popularity. She was the sexual icon clad in a bikini, representing a giggly and dumb blonde. The show, ‘Laugh-In’ ran for 140 episodes for more than six seasons (1968-1973).

Goldie Hawn enacted in several movies and television shows. These include ‘Cactus Flower,’ ‘First Wives Club,’ ‘Private Benjamin,’ ‘Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in,’ ‘The Banger Sisters’ and more.

Goldie Hawn won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for enacting ‘Cactus Flower’ (1969). Following, Goldie Hawn continued with her successful movie career. Also, Goldie Hawn made a name for herself as a director, producer, and singer.

Net Worth & Earnings:

As of now, the net worth of Goldie Hawn is $65 million. Most of Goldie Hawn’s wealth and income comes from her appearance in various roles in television series and movies. Goldie Hawn won the academic awards for her role in the movie, ‘Cactus Flower.’ Following this, Goldie Hawn moved on to have a successful career in acting in television series and movies. Also, she is a famous director, producer, and singer.

Goldie Hawn’s husband, Kurt Russell was a child actor who appeared in movies and television shows. He is known for enacting in ‘Elvis,’ ‘Miracle,’ ‘Poseidon,’ ‘Silkwood,’ ‘The Thing,’ and ‘The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters.’ Kurt Russell was nominated for the Emmy Award for the Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role Golden Globe.

Currently, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell co-starred in the comedy called “Overboard.” They both have a handful of grandchildren.


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