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Geena Davis Net Worth

Geena Davis Net Worth 2020

Virginia Elizabeth Geena Davis a.k.a. Geena Davis is an American based Actress and model. She has earned huge stardom after her roles in The long kiss, The Fly, Thelma and Louise and also Stuart Little. She has also won the Academy Award as the Best Supporting Actress during the year 1988. She has also starred in the first season of popular horror TV series based on “The Exorcist”. Now let’s have a close look at the net worth of Geena Davis in the year 2019.

Early Life and Biography

Geena Davis Net Worth 2020

Geena was born in city Wareham of Massachusetts on January 21, 1956. Her father William F. Davis was a professional civil engineer. Her mother Lucille was an assistant in a school. Both of Geena’s parents belong to a small town in Vermont. Her interest in music began in her school days, and she learned to play piano and flute in school days only. She completed her schooling from Wareham High school in the Sandviken, Sweden. There she learned to speak Swedish fluently. Her bachelor degree completed in the year 1979 from Boston University. She worked as an intern for Ann Taylor until a signing agreement with other agents.

Personal life

Geena gets married to Reza Jarrahy in the year 2001. They had three children, one daughter Alizeh Keshvar Jarrahy and twin sons Kian William Jarrahy and Kaiis Steven Jarrahy. Jarrahy has filed divorce from Geena in November 2017 and requested joint custody of children. This is the fourth marriage for Geena. Her previous Husbands were Richard Emmolo, Jeff Goldblum, (who was an actor, and Geena starred with him in three films), and Renny Harlin (Who was a director, and she starred in two movies directed by him).

Career, Awards, and Nominations

She got her first role as an actress by the famous director Sydney Pollack, when she was working as a model. Sydney Pollack has cast her in Tootsie; her role was a soap opera actress. She showed her talent on screen pretty amazingly and became popular after that. After that, Geena got many opportunities, and she grabbed them immediately. Some of those were Buffalo Bill, Knight Rider, etc. She also did some cameos in early1980s. Geena then teamed up with her husband Renny Harlin and done some great films like Cutthroat Island and The Long Kiss Goodnight. In the year 2000, she starred in her own name show “The Geena Davis Show”.

Net worth and Earnings

Geena Davis has a total estimated net worth of $37 million. She has been making a lot of money. Her work as an actress and other talents helped her make this much of fortune for her. Her writing has also contributed to this.

Geena Davis is a perfect example of beauty with brains. She has a box filled with talents. She has earned a lot of respect with her work and a great fan following on social media and in real life as well. She has achieved in her life what she deserved.


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