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Erin Moran Net Worth (dead)

Erin Moran Net Worth 2020

Ever heard about the famous Happy Days television series? If yes, Erin Moran must be a familiar name. She is best known and remembered in the world of filming via her role in Happy Days as Joanie Cunningham and its spinoff by the name Joanie Loves Chachi. Erin Moran died recently, but she left a legacy that a lot of people look up to. Discover more about this actress’ Personal Life, career, and awards. The article will also explain the net worth of Erin Moran in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Erin Moran Net Worth 2020

Erin Moran born as Erin Marie Moran was born in Burbank, California. Her date of birth was 18th October in 1960. She grew up in North Hollywood with her five siblings. Her mother and father are Sharon Moran and Edward Moran, respectively. Edward worked as a finance manager. Her greatest influencer in the acting business was her mother. Sharon signed a deal for Erin when she was only five years old. One of her brothers Tony Moran is popularly known for starring in Halloween as Michael Myres.

Personal Life

Erin Moran got into a romantic relationship with Rocky Ferguson. The two got married in 1987. After six years of marriage, the two settled for a divorce. In 1993, she tied the knot with Steven Fleischmann. After most of her successful films were called off, she resided in Los Angeles. However, she suffered from depression due to her failing career.

After legal complications concerning her house in California, Erin moved to Indiana where she stayed with her mother-in-law. In 2017, she was kicked out after some critical issues. In mid-2017, 22nd April, Erin’s breathless body was found in Indiana. At 56 years, the authorities reported her dead. Through an autopsy performed in Harrison County, it was confirmed that her cause of death was because of a throat squamous cell carcinoma.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Erin Moran filming career kicked off when she was five years old. That was after her mother signed a deal with an agent. She appeared in a television advertisement representing the Federal Bank. A year later she appeared in her first series, Daktari where she appeared as Jenny Jones. In 1968 she starred in her first film, How Sweet It Is! 4 years later she appeared in a television show, Don Rickles Show. She also guests starred in multiple popular films of the time.

Her biggest breakthrough role came when she was thirteen years old. She was chosen to star in Happy Days as Joanie Cunningham. This series became her biggest source of fame. In 1982 due to the successes of this film, a spin-off rose. Due to her great role, she received a Young Artist Award for her incredible acting performance. Later the spin-off was called off, and Erin returned to star in the final season of Happy Days. In 2008, she was a contestant of the Celebrity Fit Club. Two years before her death, she starred in Not Another B Movie.

Net Worth & Earnings

Erin Moran net worth was $100 thousand. Most of this wealth is from her days in Happy Days and other television films and series. Before her death in 2012, Erin had had throat cancer and had stayed out of filming for years. That contributed to the decrease in her net worth in the years. Apart from her health complications, she had recently lost her house in Los Angeles.

Parents play a big part in their children’s dreams and achievements. From her story, we understand that her mum made a deal for her while she was only five years old. Her mother never ceased encouraging her daughter which contributed to her successes.


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