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Emma Roberts Net Worth

Emma Roberts Net Worth 2020

Emma Roberts is a well-known American singer as well as an actress who has been featured in different television series as well as on the Hollywood movies. Having commenced her acting career at a very young age, she has continued to get much popularity over time. She is always remembered for some of the comedy-drama series such as the Unfabulous aired on Nickelodeon from 2004 to 2007, Scream 4 which is a horror film and many more. To know more about the net worth of Emma Roberts in 2020, read the following article.

Early Life & Biography

Emma Roberts Net Worth 2020

Emma Roberts was born on 10th February in the year 1991 in Rhinebeck, New York. She was born to her parents known as Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham. After her birth, her parents separated which led to her mother being married later by Kelly Nickels who is a musician. Emma Roberts has one half-sister who is from the mother’s side. Her father remarried as well from which she has two siblings from her stepmother.

Her father’s side has a long history of being in the entertainment field for a long period of time in which her grandmother was an acting coach which her father including her aunts were all actors. Emma’s mother on the first instances did not love the acting career though she got changed up by one of her aunt Julia’s film which developed the interest. Emma Roberts went to Archer School for Girls located in Los Angeles, California. She later joined Sarah Lawrence College in the year 2011 though she then dropped so that she could concentrate on her acting career.

Personal Life

Emma Roberts commenced dating Chord Overstreet on April 2011 though they separated two times 4 months after which they separated completely. She commenced to date Evan Peters in 2012 who thought they had some heated arguments got engaged in 2014 though they later separated in 2016 though got back together in 2017.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Emma Roberts commenced her career after she went together with her aunt known as Julia Roberts in her filming sets. She made her first debut in 2001 on a drama crime film which was known as Blow. She additionally had an uncredited appearance on a romance comedy film known as America’s Sweethearts where her aunt was also featured. Her performance was commendable, and from the high breakthrough, she got in 2004 through being featured in a comedy-drama series known as Unfabulous that was aired on Nickelodeon in the year 2007.

From the success of the Unfabulous, she was then featured in other films following this which include television films such as Nancy Drew, Spymate, Lymelife, Twelve, Hotel for Dogs, Scream 4, Valentine’s Day,, Adult World, Nerve and I Am Michael. In addition to this, she was also featured in some television series which include Scream Queens, Family Guy as well as in the American Horror Story.

Recently she has been featured in some of the films such as a drama film known as Who We Are Now as well as a drama thriller known as Billionaire Boys Club. In addition to this, she was is also working on a comedy drama which is upcoming which is known as Four Seasons. This is among other upcoming works which include Little Italy which is a comedy romance together with another romance known as Relationship where she is expected to be the executive producer. Due to the great success, she has had in her career; she has won several awards as well as received some nominations.

Net Worth & Earnings

Emma Roberts has an estimated net worth of $18 million. This comes from her fortunate, successful acting career. She has been featured in several television films as well as series which gives her an annual average salary of more than $1 million. The films she has been featured have been a success in making great sales from which she has earned from this.

Emma Roberts is one of the most talented actresses globally. She has worked hard to ensure that she remains successful in her acting career to the best of her. This is even after being introduced by her aunt. However, her family background from her father’s side is known to be of an acting field.


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