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Emily Fernandez Net Worth

Emily Fernandez Net Worth 2020

Emily Fernandez in a name known for building herself a successful career in acting despite her short stature. She is someone who has turned what makes her different into a strong suit instead of a weakness. She also happens to be a TV show personality who has appeared on programmes like Little Women: Dallas and Little Women: Atlanta. Before coming to fame, she worked as a club promoter. Now, let’s dive deeper into the career and net worth of Emily Fernandez in 2020.

Early Life and Biography

Emily Fernandez Net Worth 2020

Emily Fernandez is a native American who was born on 22 June 1992. The 26-year-old actress resided in Atlanta for a long time, but was born and brought up in Texas. She acquired the nickname, “Right Cheek”, on the TV show “Little Women: Atlanta”. The show has given her much more than just a nickname. Her early acclaim came from starring in it.

Personal Life

Emily Fernandez shares a complicated relationship with Lontel. Lontel was Emily’s colleague on the TV show, Little Women: Atlanta. The relationship between the two lead them to have two children; a boy and a girl. Sadly, their son died due to severe health conditions. The incident had understandably put some strain between the two. In fact, Emily decided to move back to Dallas to deal with her grief.

Career, Awards & Nominations

In the early stages of her career, Emily worked as a club promoter. However, things changed for the better when she joined the cast of Little Women: Atlanta. Her performance in the show fetched her acclaim, but the tragedy of losing a son made Emily drift into a dark period of her life. As she moved to Dallas, she had to quit Little Women: Atlanta. However, as fate would have it, Emily was presented with yet another opportunity in her hometown. She joined the TV show, Little Women: Dallas, which was a spinoff of Little Women: LA Franchise. The production house behind both the shows Emily has been a part the same one.

Emily’s presence in Conversations with Other Women has also contributed to her rise to fame.

Emily has garnered a huge fan following and a considerable level of success by virtue of her acting talent and personality. However, she doesn’t have any awards or accolades under her belt. With that being said, Emily is an event host, rapper, actress, and more. She was also a former dancer. She has mastered all of the skills mentioned above despite her height that measures to be 4’1 inches. Living your life to the fullest while having problems and shortcomings is an achievement in itself!

Net Worth and Earnings

Emily Fernandez has a whopping net worth of $500 thousand. While most of the people on the planet hide behind their insecurities and blame their circumstances for their failures, Emily has moved past everything that blocked the road to success.

Emily Fernandez is a source of inspiration for people all across the globe. She never let her shortcomings get in her way, and her success speaks for itself. Despite suffering the loss of a son, Emily continues to walk the righteous path. Her life is one that already has, and will continue to leave the world in awe!