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Delta Burke Net Worth

Delta Burke Net Worth 2020

Delta Burke is a renowned American actress, producer as well as an author. She is well known on her appearance in a sitcom which was known as ‘Designing Women.’ This made her get much popularity among receiving many awards on her outstanding performance. Today, let’s learn more about the career, biography, and net worth of Delta Burke in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Delta Burke Net Worth 2020

Delta Burke was born on 30th July in the year 1956 in Orlando, Florida. She was born to her single mother who is known as Jean, and she has never met her biological father. She has two siblings who are known as Jennifer and Jonathan.

Delta Burke went to Colonial High School and while on her school, she won the Miss Flame Crown in the year 1972 from Orlando Fire Department after which following her passion she got up to with the State Miss Flame. She then went to her high school where she won the Miss Florida Title. After this, she then joined London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art where she learned more on her professional career.

Personal Life

Delta Burke tied knots with Gerald McRaney in the year 1989. They do not have any children yet. In addition, she is a supporter of LGBT rights.

Career, Awards & Nominations

On completing her studies from London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, Delta Burke went back to the United States where she began working as an agent on telemovies in the 1970s and 1980s. She began this through being featured in a movies known as Zuma Beach playing the role of Suzanne Somers. She was then featured in another film known as Charleston playing as Southern Belle in 1979.

This was not a success instead, and she then got signed with some producers such as Harry Thomason together with Linda Bloodworth for playing the role of being the Suzanne Sugarbaker in a film known as Designing Women. Previously she had been featured in the Filthy Rich in the year 1982 in which she played the role of a wily young widow known as Kathleen Beck. She then played the role of Diane Barrow in 1st & Ten.

After leaving the film of Designing Women, she then was featured in sitcom known as Delta in 1992 after which she later returned as Suzanne Sugarbaker in Women of the House in 1995. Other films she has been featured in include What Women Want in 2000, DaG sitcom in the early 2000s, Family Law in 2002 after reuniting with Carter, Bridal Fever in 2009 and Counter Culture in 2012 among many other films. She has been nominated as well as won several awards especially on her role in the film known as Designing Women.

Net Worth & Earnings

Delta Burke has an estimated net worth of $4 million. This comes from the fortunate earnings she has made in her successful career. She gained much of her earnings in her professional career through being featured in a film known as Designing Women which was a great success and additionally giving her several awards.

Delta Burke has had much success in her career through which she remained focused on giving the best. She was however sensitive to retain her friends in which at one point she had to leave Designing Women so that she could be able to reconcile with her friend.


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