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Debra Winger Net Worth

Debra Winger Net Worth 2020

Debra Winger is an American actress who was at the peak of her career during the 1980s. She is widely recognized for the films ‘An Officer and A Gentleman’, ‘Shadowlands’ and ‘Terms of Endearments’. Today, she is quite old. Let’s learn what she is doing today and what is the net worth of Debra Winger in 2020?

Early life & biography

Debra Winger Net Worth 2020

Debra Winger was born on May 16, 1955, in Cleveland Heights, Ohio to Robert Winger and Ruth. Her full name is Debra Lynn Winger, and she is a Jewish. Her father worked as a meat packer while her mother was an office manager. When she was six years old, her family moved to California where she attended Monroe high school in Sepulveda. There is not much information about her higher studies. As a teenager, she met a fatal accident in which she was partially paralyzed and blind for almost ten months.

Personal life

Debra Winger got involved in a number of romantic relationships over her lifespan. She dated a couple of her co-stars. However, when it comes to marriage, the gorgeous lady got hitched only twice. Her first marriage was with Timothy Hutton. The couple remained together for four years and had a child together before getting the divorce in 1990. After a few years, in 1996, she married Arliss Howard. The couple has been together since then. They also have one child.

Career, awards, & nominations

When Debra was recovering from her prolonged illness at the age of 18, she decided to pursue her career in acting. When she recovered completely, she moved to California. Initially, she had to take a lot of efforts to launch herself. Finally, in 1976, she made her film debut with the comedy-drama film ‘Slumber Party 57’. The film didn’t perform well, but Debra managed to bag a role on the hit TV series ‘Wonder Woman’. This TV series earned her a quick success, and her career began in full swing.

She continuously appeared on the films and TV shows and garnered a significant success as well as popularity. The biggest breakthrough of her career came in 1982 when she appeared in the film ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’. She got Oscar nomination for this film which bolstered her popularity. The next year itself, she starred on another blockbuster film titled ‘Terms of Endearments’ which again bagged her an Oscar nomination.

Throughout her career, Debra has won many prestigious award nominations including 3 Oscar nominations, 4 Golden Globe nominations, 2 BAFTA nominations, and one primetime nomination. Speaking of the awards she has won, she is the winner of NSFC Award, Showest Award, and USA Film Festival award.

Net worth & earnings

With the fact that Debra has won 3 Oscar nominations, you can assume how successful acting career she holds. Though today she is not as active as she was a decade ago, she still holds a remarkable net worth. As of now, the 63-year-old actress has a staggering net worth of $20 million. Acting is her only source of income. There is not much information about her personal asset.

The girl, who battled with the paralysis and blindness for almost one year, is today one of the most amazing actresses of Hollywood. You can’t find a more inspirational story than hers. She is truly a champion in real life.