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Colleen Ballinger Net Worth

Colleen Ballinger Net Worth 2020

Colleen Ballinger is a famous singer, actress, comedian and also YouTube personality. She is renowned for playing the character Miranda Sings on her YouTube channel. She has got a nice sense of humor because of which she is loved by her fans actress the world. She also uploads lifestyle videos on her YouTube channel named Colleen Vlogs. Her YouTube channel was able to get around three million views. She has also appeared in many TV series which gained her huge recognition. Here, you can check out the net worth of Colleen Ballinger in 2020 in this article.

Early Life & Biography

Colleen Ballinger Net Worth 2020

She was born on 21st November in the year 1986 in Santa Barbara in California. She is the daughter of Tim Ballinger and Gwen while her father is a sales manager and mother is a homemaker. She also has got two old brothers and a sister named Rachel. Her brother Christopher and sister own their YouTube channels and have a million subscribers on their channels. From early life, she started working in the entertainment industry. With a span of a short time, she was able to gain huge success in her life.

Personal Life

She went to New York in the year 2010 to gain more opportunities to become famous. In the year 2012, she realized that she should focus on increasing her YouTube audience. She was in a relationship with Joshua for seven years and then finally married him in the year 2015 in California. In the year 2016, both of them announced their divorce. She got a new home in California at a place Encino.

In the year 2016, she met Erik Stocklin, and they started dating in the year 2018 and also confirmed their relationship in public. They were also engaged in June, and she is expecting her first child. She is also involved in the philanthropy works as she was a fundraiser for the childhood cancer in the year 2015. On her YouTube channel, she donates her items for the charities. She has also donated money for the hospital into eh the year 2015. She has also been supportive of the children who face struggles in their life.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Her YouTube videos have made her able to gain huge recognition as she has got around three million views on them. In the year 2015, she became the seventh most popular YouTube personality. She has also ranked among the top 25 digital stars by Hollywood Reporter. She has also been able to teen choice awards in the year 2014 and the year 2015 for working as best actress and comedy star. She appeared in many TV series and commercials at her early age, and she gained success with her comedy acts and online videos also.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Colleen Ballinger is around $9 million which she has accumulated by working as a comedian, singer, and actress. She has been able to earn huge amount of money with her YouTube channel. She used to perform in her school, and from then she got interested in the entertainment world. She is very well known for playing the role of Miranda Sings. She has also been ranked as the top hundred YouTube influential in the world.

She is an inspiration for all those people who are looking forward to achieving something in their life. She started working in TV series and commercials and then started her own YouTube channel. Today, she is earning a lot of money with her YouTube channel only. She is going to become more famous and wealthy in the coming years.


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