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Catherine Bell Net Worth

Catherine Bell Net Worth 2020

Catherine Lisa Bell is a well-known actress from United States who is very popular for her roles in television series ‘JAG,’ where she features as Major Sarah Mackenzie. This television series aired from 1997 to the year 2005 and later she landed a role in ‘Army Wives’ as Denise Sherwood from 2007 to 2013. Did you know that Bell started her career as a model? She would fall in love with the films and become a famous actress. Here is a quick summary of the net worth of Catherine Bell in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Catherine Bell Net Worth 2020

Bell was born in 1968 on August 14th in London England to a father who hailed from Scotland and a mother, Mina who came from Iran. Her father used to work as an architect and had a contract with an oil company in Iran while her mother was a nurse.

Her parent marriage hit rock bottom, and they got divorced when Bell was two years old. The family later moved to California and settled in San Fernando Valley. When she was growing up, she was exposed to diverse influences. In their home, they used to speak Persian. Despite her grandparents being Muslims, she was raised in the Catholic faith, and one time she attended a Baptism Summer Camp.

Personal Life

Bell has mastered Persian and English which she is very fluent at. She loves motorcycling, snowboarding skiing and kickboxing. Her hobbies include cross stitching and also making model cars which she started since she was eight years old. She first got married to actor, Adam Beason in 1994 with whom they have two children, Gemma and a son Ronan.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Her career in the film industry started in 1990 after she landed a role in a film titled ‘Sugar and Spice.’ Next year, she featured in a movie ‘True Colors’ which later became a series. In 1992, she landed a role of Isabella Rossellini and later played a role in a film ‘Death Becomes Her.’ Her excellent skills saw her get featured in ‘Men of War’ where the main star was ‘Delph Lundgren.’

In 1995, she landed a role in a series ‘JAG,’ but this show would later be canceled. She has said that she felt disappointment as she was excited to play a role in the series. She has also featured in a series ‘Sarah Mackenzie’ which continued till the year 2005.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Catherine Bell is over $25 million. The fortune has been generated from her career as a top-rated model and an actress. During her modeling days, she used to be the face of very many magazines. She has featured in many movies and Television series that has enjoyed commercial success.

From the year 2012, Bell has been living with Brooker Daniells in Los Angeles. Daniel is a party planner, a Scientologist, and a photographer. She used over $2 million to renovate a ranch house which is located at the Hidden Hills Community.