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Bonnie Wright Net Worth

Bonnie Wright Net Worth 2020

Bonnie Wright is a famous actor, director and is especially well-known for her stint as Ginny Weasley in the acclaimed Harry Potter film series. Today, we will get to know more about the actor and present screenwriter and director Bonnie Wright. We will also tell about the net worth of Bonnie Wright in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Bonnie Wright Net Worth 2020

Bonnie Wright was born on the 17th of February, 1991. She grew up in London, England. She is the second child in her family. Both her parents are jewelry company owners. She had an elder brother and had attended the Prior Weston Primary School as a kid. She later studied in London University of Arts. She studied there to venture into film studies and to learn the skills of the production manager. She had plans to continue acting and to pursue a career in it.

Personal Life

Bonnie Wright started dating one of her Harry Potter co-stars during filming. She dated Jamie Campbell for a while before calling it off in the year 2012.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

Bonnie Wright started her career with a significant boost like the Harry Potter franchise. In the year 2010, she auditioned for the role of Ginny Weasley on the advice of her brother, who found a resemblance between her and the book character. Wright appeared in the very first Harry Potter film.

Her screen time in the first film was small, and later on, she continued to receive more and more screen time with each passing movie. She got a proper meaty role in the fourth Harry Potter film, where she was seen as a supporting actor. In the later films, she became a central character where she could be seen joining the core harry potter trio team at times and then becoming Harry’s love interest later.

After Harry Potter, Wright starred in two movies, namely, “Stranded” and “Agatha Christie.” She also voiced in the Disney’s, “The Replacements.” She did quite a few films later and later debuted on stage with “The Moment of Truth.” Apart from receiving rave reviews for her performance in the harry potter series, she also won the first Star baker episode as well.

In the year 2014, Wright acted in the film, “After the Dark.” She later appeared in a short film called, “How (Not) to Rob a Train as a bandit.” Wright had even had a modeling career. She won the edgiest look category award at the Rodial Beautiful Awards. She also wrote the script for “Separate We Come, Separate We Go.”

Net Worth & Earnings

Bonnie Wright has a total net worth of $14 million. Thanks to her being one of the most active characters in the Harry Potter film series, she got to earn a vast fortune over the years of acting in the franchise. Her earnings also come from modeling and writing scripts for other production houses.

Starting her career with Harry Potter to creating her own production house, Bonnie Wright has come along a great length in her life. She was still a lot to achieve in life, and she is presently on it to secure greater heights.


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