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Bette Davis Net Worth

Bette Davis Net Worth 2020

Bette Davis was the legendary icon of the Hollywood silver screen. She worked in the Hollywood film industry for sixty longs years and performed in versatile genres of acting in more than a hundred films in both television and theatre with extreme excellence and expertise throughout her broad career. Her own life is even more interesting than films. To know more about the net worth of Bette Davis in 2020, read the following article.

Early Life & Biography:

Bette Davis Net Worth 2020

Ruth Elizabeth Davis also called as Bette Davis was born on 5th April 1908 in Lowell of Massachusetts in the United States of America to her parents Harlow Davis and Ruth Augusta Davis. In 1915, at the age of six, her parents were separated. She started her education from Crestalban boarding school in Lanesborough of Berkshires. In 1921 Bette came to New York with her mother. Later she joined the boarding school named Cushing Academy. In 1929 she started her acting career with Broadway.

Personal Life:

The personal life of Bette Davis was quite interesting like her character. She had four life partners in her 81 years of life. She got married for the first time with Harmon Nelson in 1932 at the age of 24 but got divorced after six years in 1938. Then she tied the knot with Arthur Farnsworth in 1940; Arthur died in 1943. Later in 1945 she wedded William Grant Sherry and divorced him in 1950. In 1950 she got married for the last time with Gary Merrill; Bette and Gary spent ten long years together but again for some unknown reason they got divorced in 1960.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

After starting the Acting career, Bette Davis came to Hollywood in 1930, and in 1932 she joined the Warner Bros. and given many awards winning performance. In 1936 Bette broke the contract of Warner Bros and faced some legal issues. After that, she engrossed totally in her Hollywood acting is the best in that field. Later In 1983 Bette was detected with breast cancer, gone through four strokes and her left side became paralyzed. After six years of suffering, she died of cancer in the year 1989.

Bette Davis achieved numerous prestigious awards in her sixty years of broad career. Bette was one of the founders of the Hollywood Canteen. She was the former and first female president of Motion Picture Academy. She bagged the Academy Award for two times for best acting and had a record of getting 10 nominations of Academy Award. Bette got the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute, and she was the first woman to achieve this honour. In 1999 the name of Betty Davis was on the second place on the list of the greatest female stars of Hollywood by the American Film Institute.

Net Worth & Earnings:

Let’s now reveal the much awaited net worth of Bette Davis. Bette Davis had a net worth of $3 million at the time of her death. The source of her income is completely from her acting career which she did with full proficiency and dedication, and as a result of that, she was the best-paid actress of that era.

Bette Davis was an extremely powerful actress which reflected from her huge collection of achievements and honours. She entertained the whole world for sixty long years with her amazing calibre. She worked till the last minutes of her death and if cancer had not snatched her life; she had a lot more to give us.


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