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Ariel Winter Net Worth

Ariel Winter Net Worth 2020

Ariel Winter is a famous actor, voice actor, and singer. She is most renowned for playing the role of Alex Dunphy in ‘Modern Family,’ the television comedy series. Ariel Winter lent her voice for ‘Sofia the First,’ Disney Junior show and for Penny Peterson in ‘Mr. Peabody and Sherman’, an animated movie (2014). Her appearance in ‘Modern Family’ made her win the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series. Continue reading to find the net worth of Ariel Winter as of 2019.

Early Life & Biography:

Ariel Winter Net Worth 2020

Ariel Winter was born as Ariel Winter Workman on 28th January 1998 in San Diego, California, the US, to Chrisoula (née Batistas) and Glenn Workman. Her father is of English ancestry, and her mother is of Greek descent. Ariel Winter has two siblings Shanelle Workman and Jimmy Workman who are also actors.

Personal Life:

Ariel Winter was accepted to University of California, Los Angeles in April 2016 but, she started attending from September 2017. Ariel Winter attends the Greek Orthodox Church. Since her school days, Ariel Winter has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Claude Gaudette.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Ariel Winter was first paid for her work in a ‘Cool Whip’ commercial (2002). Ariel Winter commenced her acting profession when she was four years old. Ariel Winter began her acting when she was seven years old in director Shane Black’s cult movie, ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.’ Ariel Winter worked with Greek Musician Sakis Rouvas since she was nine years. Ariel Winter is known as the popular American teen actress and singer.

Ariel Winter appeared in a television series, ‘Listen Up’ that became popular. After that, Ariel appeared in various television series including ‘Bones,’ ‘ER,’ ‘Freddie,’ ‘Monk’ and others. Moreover, she provided her voice for the character of a guy before winning the Screen Actor Guilds Award.

Ariel Winter has continued to appear in other television animation shows including cartoon plays. Ariel Winter was cast in a Disney animated leading role of Sofia. Ariel Winter worked as a voice actor for numerous animated series including ‘Dreamwork Animation,’ ‘Peabody and Sherman,’ ‘Sky’s Ice age,’ and ‘The Meltdown.’ Moreover, Ariel Winter has appeared in feature movies most notably in opposite ‘Day,’ ‘Fred 2’,‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,’ ‘Speed Racer,’ and much more.

Ariel Winter voiced the character of Young Kairi in an animated series ‘Kingdom Heart Birth by sleep’ (2010). She also provided her voice for Mog, in an animated play ‘Final Fantasy XIII-2’. Next, she voiced the character of Cassie in the play ‘Guild Wars 2’. Ariel Winter was the voice artist for the movie, ‘Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix’.

In 2010, Ariel Winter won the Young Artist Award for her role in ‘Modern Family.’ Ariel won the 2010s Gold Derby Awards. Also, Ariel won 4 Screen Actors Guild Awards from seven nominations. In 2013, Ariel Winter got nominated for the Teen Choice Awards. Ariel Winter won 2 Behind the Voice Actors awards out of nine nominations.

Net Worth & Earnings:

As of now, the net worth of Ariel Winter is $10 Million. Ariel Winter earned $6 Million when she was 15 years old. Ariel earned her net worth through her lifelong accomplishment in television series ‘Modern Family.’ Ariel Winter earned $70,000 thousand for every episode of that television show. Ariel Winter enjoys playing soccer, tennis, and track with her friends in their spare time. She is a beautiful and self-motivated actress. Ariel Winter is popular for providing her voice in ‘Sofia the First.’ In 2014, Ariel Winter provided her voice in the animated movie ‘Mr. Peabody and Sherman’.

Ariel Winter is a beautiful actress who is full of confidence. She is well experienced to tackle all sorts of issues in her life. During her spare time, Ariel Winter likes to jump on the trampoline, and watch movies with friends.