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Amanda Bearse Net Worth

Amanda Bearse Net Worth 2020

Amanda Bearse is a top-rated American comedian, a dynamic actor, and a responsible director as well with utmost success and glory. Amanda acquired fame from the television series ‘Married…with Cinderella’ which became a significant hit on the silver screen with huge response and feedback. Amanda is blessed for being both a remarkable actor and a comedian at the same time. Let us find out the net worth of Amanda Bearse in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Amanda Bearse Net Worth 2020

Amanda Bearse was born on 9 August 1958 in Florida in the United States, and thus she was born with American nationality. Eventually, after her birth, Amanda was raised up in Georgia. There is not much known about Amanda Bearse’s parent and her childhood days.

Amanda did her schooling from the ‘Winter Park High School’. Amanda did her college from the ‘Rollins College’. But soon after that, Amanda enrolled herself in two other colleges ‘Birmingham Southern College’ and the other one was ‘Young Harris College’ where pursue a degree in arts.

Personal Life

Since 1993, Amanda made a public announcement that she is a lesbian. Later in the year 2010, she got married to ‘Carrie Schenken’. The couple together has an adopted daughter who they named as ‘Zoe’.

Career, Awards & Nominations

In her initial days, Amanda took acting training under ‘Sanford Meisner’ who was also an American actor and an acting teacher by profession.

In the year 1982, Amanda got her first major break with the television series ‘All My Children’ which used to air on ABC channel.

In addition to this, Amanda also got featured in several movies such as ‘Fraternity Vacation’, ‘Protocol’, ‘The Earth Day Special’, ‘Totally Baked’, ‘Anger Management’, ‘The Doom Generation’, and many others.

Next, Amanda got featured in another television series ‘Married…with Children’ where she played the character of ‘Marcy Rhodes’. This particular television series got immense response and feedback from the audiences and was a huge break in Amanda’s acting career. Apart from being an actor in this television series, Amanda has significantly directed the 13 episodes of this particular TV series.

In addition to this, Amanda has also directed other television series such as ‘Ladies Man’, ‘A Girl and a Pizza Place’, ‘Two Guys’, and many others.

There is no information released about Amanda Bearse’s awards and nominations so far.

Net Worth & Earnings

The supremacy of Amanda’s success is undoubtedly speechless and noteworthy to a great extent. Amanda’s impeccable talent and skill as an actor fetched her to work in various films and television series. In true sense, Amanda has established a stronghold in the entertainment industry with dignity and honor. The total estimated net worth of Amanda Bearse is about $20 million approximately.

Amanda Bearse has been considered as one of the most celebrated women in the film industry who has achieved a successive life to lead a dream life extravagantly. Amanda has fetched remarkable growth in the television industry with inbound success and recognition which has inspired many to become one like her in the near future.