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Zachary Quinto Net Worth

Zachary Quinto Net Worth 2020

One of the common ways of breaking boredom is by watching a movie or a certain show in the television. However, very many people take time to dig deep and understand the life of these actors and what they get every time they entertain you. One of these known celebrities who have found his ground in acting is Zachary Quinto. Below is a brief history of the net worth of Zachary Quinto in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Zachary Quinto Net Worth 2020

Zachary Quinto was born Zachary John Quinto on 2nd June 1977 in Pittusburg. He however grew up Green Tree Pennsylvania. He joined Saints Simon & Jude Catholic School. His dad is known as Joseph John “Joe” Quinto and he was a barber but died of cancer seven years after Zachary was born. His mom is known as Margaret J. “Margo” and she worked at an investment firm before switching to a magistrate’s office.

Quinto had a brother by the name Joe and they were both brought up by their mother after their dad’s death. His mum is of Irish ancestry while his father was an Italian. They however grew up as Roman Catholics. From Junior School, Quinto joined Central Catholic High School and graduated in 995. He later joined Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama and graduated in 1999.

Personal Life

Zachary’s sexuality had remained a controversial issue until he came out in 2011 and publicly announced he was a gay and he was proud to be one. Before he had announced his stand, he had been seen severally supporting gay rights and organizations. He attended in many of their productions as just a supporter. Zachary has been in a relationship since 2013 with Mile McMillan who is a model and painter.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Zachary first appeared on television in a television series that was known as ‘The Others’. This series was however, short lived. This however, was enough to set a platform for Zachary. He has appeared on several shows as a guest star. These shows include; Touched by an Angel, CSI, Six Feet Under, Charmed, L.A Dragnet and Lizzie McGuire. He appeared in 23 episodes of Fox series 24 third season.

Since then, he has appeared in several other films and television shows some of which include; So Notorious, Short Boutonniere (2009), A Love Story, Before the Door Pictures, and many more. He has also taken part in theatres like the role he played in Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, Tony Kushner’s Angels in America among others. Some of the nominations he has acquired during his acting career include; Theatreworld Outstanding Debut Performance award and Emmy Award.

Net Worth & Earnings

Zachary Quinto has an estimated net worth of $17 million. Although he works as both as an actor and film producer, much of his earnings is from acting career. Zachary also has received a number of awards as an actor which has as well contributed to his current net worth.

Apart from his sexuality, Zachary has not been involved in any major controversy and he has also been able to maintain a good relationship with fellow actors. Together with friends Neal Dodson and Corey Moosa formed ‘Before the Door Pictures which produced projects in television, film, new media and many others.


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