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Zach Braff Net Worth

Zach Braff Net Worth 2020

Zachary Israel Braff is a well-known American comedian, actor, director, producer and a screenwriter. He has best been known for the role that he played as J.D on a television series that was known as ‘Scrubs.’ He was able to display excellent skills that saw him get nominated for various awards. The awards that he has been nominated for including Primetime Emmy Award. Keep on reading to learn more on the net worth of Zach Braff in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Zach Braff Net Worth 2020

Zachary was born in the year 1975 on April 6th, His place of birth is in South Orange, New Jersey. The father, Harold Irwin, has been working as a trial attorney and also as a sociology professor and the mother, Anne worked in a hospital as the Clinical psychologist. The parents would get divorced and later remarried during his childhood.

He has several siblings, and one of them is Joshua, is a well-experienced author. He was born in the Jewish family, and the mother was a protestant before he converted to Judaism. From an early beginning, he knew that he wanted to become a filmmaker. When he was just ten years old, he was diagnosed with a disorder known as obsessive-compulsive.

Personal Life

Braff father by the name Harold is a renowned attorney and among founders of state’s American Inn of Court. He later was able to serve as trustee of National Inn of Court Foundation. He has been well recognized for being able to further standards of excellence in practice law. He has a brother Joshua Braff has written several books while the other brother by the name Adam, serves as a writer and a producer. The stepsister is Jessica Kirson, is a comedian that is based in New York.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Even though that he landed a role in ‘High’ that had also been proposed to be aired on the CBS in the year 1989. A television series never saw the light of the day after the piloting stage. If the things were to go as they were expected to, Zack would have featured alongside Craig Ferguson and Paltrow. Later on, he was able to perform in Baby-Sitters Club and also the Manhattan Murder Mystery. Also, he became part of the cast of a movie ‘Macbeth.’ From the year 2001, he started to portray character Mystery in 1990s. He has not only acted and also acted on several occasions.

In the film, ‘Garden State,’ Braff got to be the scriptwriter, actor, director, and a producer. He announced the existence of a movie that was titled ‘Wish I Was Here.’ He served as director and a star. It was launched following year. Besides film, he has also been able to serve as the executive producer. Since the year 2009, Braff is the owner of the restaurant titled ‘Mermaid Oyster Bar.’ This restaurant is located in New York City and works with Laurence Edelman.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Zach Braff is estimated to be over $25 million. The primary source of this wealth has been from his career in the film industry. He has served in different capacities such as director, producer and an actor. The other source of income is voicing acts and also writing scripts.

Zach Braff has been ranked among the best actors in the world. His excellent skills when it comes to acting has made him the best leading to him landing a nomination in the different awards. His determinations and hard work when it comes to ensuring he makes a name for himself have made him a household name.


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