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Warren Beatty Net Worth

Warren Beatty Net Worth 2020

Warren Beatty is a famous American actor, screenwriter, director, and producer. He is most renowned for screenwriting, acting, directing, and producing in the same movie that was awarded. Continue reading to find the net worth of Warren Beatty as of 2019.

Early Life & Biography:

Warren Beatty Net Worth 2020

Warren Beatty (Henry Warren Beatty) was born on 30th March 1937 in Richmond, Virginia, the US. Warren’s mother, Kathlyn Corinne (née MacLean) was a drama teacher from Nova Scotia. Warren’s father, Ira Owens Beatty held a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and worked as a teacher, school administrator, and real-estate dealer. Warren has a sister Shirley MacLaine who was also an actor.

After Washington-Lee High School, Warren rejected ten football scholarships and joined liberal arts at Northwestern University. After a year, Warren relocated to New York City and studied acting with mentor Stella Adler.

Personal Life:

Warren Beatty had relationships with Carly Simon, Cher, Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, Linda McCartney Madonna, and Mary Tyler Moore. Eventually, in 1992, Warren Beatty married Annette Bening. The couple has four children named Benjamin, Ella, Isabel, and Stephen.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Warren Beatty was keen on his acting career. He did not want to get seriously involved in any military service. On 11th February 1960, under his name Henry W. Beatty enlisted in the California Air National Guard. On 1st January 1961, Warren was discharged dishonorably from Air National Guard and the United States Air Force Reserve. Thus, Warren was saved himself from getting drafted in any military service.

Warren first appeared on 1950s television shows including like ‘Kraft Television Theatre,’ ‘Playhouse 90’ and ‘Studio One.’ In 1960, Warren Beatty won Tony Award for the Broadway production ‘A Loss of Roses.’

Warren notable movies that got nominated for the Golden Globe include 1961s ‘Splendor in the Grass’, 1967s ‘Bonnie and Clyde’, 1975s Shampoo, 1978s ‘Heaven Can Wait’, 1981s ‘Reds’, 1990s ‘Dick Tracy’, 1991s ‘Bugsy’, 1998s ‘Bulworth’ and 2016s ‘Rules Don’t Apply’. Warren Beatty also produced all these movies.

Warren Beatty got nominated 14 times for Academy Awards – 4 for Best Actor, 4 for Best Picture, 2 for Best Director and 3 for Original Screenplay and 1 for Adapted Screenplay. He got nominated 16 times for Golden Globe. Warren Beatty won the Academy’s Irving G. Thalberg Award. Warren Beatty won the Best Director for 1981s ‘Reds’. Warren Beatty is the only filmmaker who got nominated for his acting, directing, writing and producing in the same movie. He won twice – for ‘Heaven Can Wait’ (co-director Buck Henry) and for ‘Reds.’ Warren Beatty won the Oscar for the Best Director for the movie ‘Reds.’

Net Worth & Earnings:

The net worth of Warren Beatty is $75 million. Most of Warren Beatty’s fortune and fame comes from his career as a successful actor. Later, Warren Beatty also succeeded in related fields including screenwriter, director, producer, and filmmaker. One famous example is the movie ‘‘Dick Tracy’ in which Warren Beatty directed and enacted in.

According to Shirley MacLaine, Warren is most comfortable behind the camera because he likes to take full control. Warren Beatty added during his acting days when he suggested about the script, lighting, wardrobe; people commented if he is producing the picture.


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