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Steven Ogg Net Worth

Steven Ogg Net Worth 2020

Many people have had successful careers in acting, and one of such people is Steven Ogg, a Canadian born actor. He is famously known as Trevor Philips, in the video game ‘Grand Theft Auto V,’ which was released in 2013. To know more about the net worth of Steven Ogg in 2020, read the following article.

Early Life & Biography

Steven Ogg Net Worth 2020

Steven Ogg was born in Alberta, Canada on November 4, 1973. He was interested in acting since he was in high school. He first appeared in a film which was for the National Film Board of Canada. Later, Steven changed his focus and ventured into the theatre.

As a young man, he as well aspired to be a professional volleyball player, but he suffered an injury that made him not able to pursue that career. He later moved to New York City.

Personal Life

Steven is a father to a son named Bohdi Ogg. He mentions him several times on his accounts on social media. He has, however, never revealed the identity of his son’s mother. In 2017, July, he was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with Katie Eary. They were seen together on different occasions but Steve has never accepted or denied the rumors.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

Steven’s passion for acting was revived when he suffered an injury that terminated his dream of becoming a professional basketball player. He got back to the acting career with a debut as Andre, in the movie ‘Giving It Up’ in 1999.

His other appearances were on the tv series ‘Third Watch,’ and ‘Law & Order.’ He also lent his voice in several films as well as theatre acting. He had a role in a 2003 movie by the title of ‘Mail Order Bride.’ After that, he took a break from his acting career to focus on other areas of his life.

He returned on the screens in 2008, in the video game ‘Alone in the Dark,’ where he lent his voice as Vinnie. Steven also appeared in several series until 2013, when he had another big break by appearing in the ‘Grand Theft V’ video game.

Other of his notable appearances include ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘He Never Died,’ ‘Rush,’ ‘Westworld,’ among many others. The most recent appearance that Steven had, is on the sci-fi movie by the name of ‘Solis.’

Steven’s outstanding performances have not been in vain, as he was nominated twice in 2013, for the Spike Video Game Award, and Code Central Award. The same year, he won the New York Videogame Critics Circle Award to mention but a few.

Net Worth & Earnings

The estimated net worth of the celebrated Canadian actor is $3 million. His acting career has amassed all this impressive wealth for him over the years. He has many upcoming projects and these will add an impressive amount to his fortune. His dedication has earned him a very luxurious life today.

Steven Ogg is among the most celebrated actors on the world. He has earned his fame from hard work and dedication. After his dream of being a sportsman was shattered, he never gave up and he decided to focus on acting. The career he chose has today earned him both fame and wealth. We wish him all the best on his upcoming projects.


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