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Scott Aukerman Net Worth

Scott Aukerman Net Worth 2020

Comedy Bang! Bang! That is a name that is often mentioned together with that of Scott Aukerman. Why not when Scott is the host of that comedy podcast? It is aired weekly. It has significantly contributed to his fame. There is much more than he has done over the years. Aukerman is a man of many hats. Was it easy for him to become a celebrity? What are his other careers? Which one earns him more than the other? We have all those answers. All you should do is to keep reading for the replies and details of the net worth of Scott Aukerman in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Scott Aukerman Net Worth 2020

Who is Scott Aukerman? He is a man born in Savannah, Georgia but who grew up in Orange County, California. Aukerman is the son of two proud parents, Linda and Burt Aukerman. Born in 1970 on 2nd July, it was hard to imagine that he would become famous at that time. However, as days went by the line of his career became evident. Why? He would attend Cypress High School and the Orange County High School of the Arts too.

That shows that he had a great interest in becoming an artist. He was lucky enough to have parents who supported him. Even if they wanted to refuse him, it would have been hard. Why not when he spent his extra time to study both acting and musical theatre? People in this world are very different. Instead of playing like other kids, he would learn the above and write plays. Scott deserves to be who he is today.

He was also a student at Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa. Those institutions became his realm. Debasish Mrisha defines innovation appropriately. One should find the door of opportunity and then reveal its beauty. That is a lesson well-learned through Scott’s early life.

Personal Life

In 2008, Aukerman was pleased to tie the knot with the life of his life. The lady was none other than Kulap Vilaysack. She is also a great name when it comes to the artistic world. A decade later, they are yet to get a child. When many people seem to be marrying for kids, they are different. They have two dogs namely Molly Ringwald and Georgia Michaela. 2016 must have been a sad year for them. That is when they lost Rocky their other dog.

Career, Awards & Nominations

This man is a Jack of many trades. The fact that he is a podcast host, producer, director, television personality, comedian, actor, and writer is enough evidence. His interest in entertaining people began early. He even started to perform in Lutz Radio while in college. He did it with his friend B. J. Porter. The duo’s name was The Fun Bunch.

Later things became better than that. Scott has notable works now. When it comes to Mr Show, the sketch series, he was both a writer and a performer. Other than hosting Comedy Bang! Bang!, he is also famous because of a television series which has the same name. Did you know that Scott was one of the creators of Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis? He even founded a podcast network, Earwolf.

His exemplary work has earned him recognition. He has received two awards nominations for the Primetime Emmy Award. He was also a two-time nominee of the Writers Guild of America Award.

Net Worth & Earnings

All along, you knew this was in store for you. His net worth is $3.5 million. After many appearances in films and his contribution to the comedy industry, it is apparent that rewarding has occurred. Other sources of income are writing and hosting. Managing many careers is hard but not impossible. After all, it pays off as shown by the wealth he has gathered.

If one has a passion for something, he or she should start working on it as early as possible. That will mold it accordingly. That is what Scott Aukerman did. He wears many hats: he is a writer, comedian, actor, host, TV Star, producer, and director. Therefore, embrace all your talents and passions if possible.


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