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Richard Dawson Net Worth

Richard Dawson Net Worth 2020

The kissing Bandit or Richard Dawson, the man who is famously known for his colorful life, had a very humble start. Richard Dawson was born as Colin Lionel Emm and started his career as Merchant Marines. Later he turned his focus at boxing where he made his fortune however lady luck finally appeared at his doorstep after his marriage and later became a part of the showbiz business. Let’s look at the net worth of Richard Dawson in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

Richard Dawson Net Worth 2020

Richard Dawson was born on 20 November 1932 in Hampshire in England, and thus he was born with an English nationality. Richard Dawson was born to father ‘Arthur Dawson’ and mother ‘Josephine Dawson’. Originally, Richard Dawson was born with the birth name as ‘Colin Lionel Emm’. At a very early age, Richard has joined the British Army Navy by running away from his home. Later, Richard has shown a keen interest in the boxing career. Then soon afterward, Richard Dawson becomes a comic actor by giving out various stage performances.

Personal Life:

In 1959, Richard Dawson got hitched to ‘Diana Dors’, but soon the couple ended up in divorce. Later, Richard got hitched for the second time to ‘Gretchen Johnson’. The couple together has one daughter ‘Shannon Nichole Dawson’. Dawson from his previous marriage got two sons ‘Gary Dawson’ and ‘Mark Dawson’.

At the age of 79, Richard Dawson died from cancer in California in 2012.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

In the year 1963, Richard Dawson first appeared on a television program entitled ‘Jack Benny Program’.

Next, Richard appeared in another television program entitled ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’.

In the year 1964, Richard appeared in his next project entitled ‘The Invisibles’.

Richard Dawson has also appeared in a film as ‘The Longest Day’.

Richard Dawson has also hosted several game shows in his years of professional career such as ‘Match Game’, ‘Family Feud’, ‘Mama’s Family’, and many others.

Richard Dawson has been bestowed by the ‘Daytime Emmy Award’ for his best game show entitled ‘Family Feud’.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The English born American actor had a net worth of $300 thousand. He minted all that money by hosting game shows and by being panelists in them. Some of his famous game shows were Family Feud, Match Game. Richard was also part of the famous yesteryear show Hogan’s Heroes where he played a lovable character and Running man alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. His impressive career graph can be easily traced to a lump sum amount, and we can easily say that Richard Dawson lived a wholesome life with plenty of currency to swear by.

The year 2012 brought the grim news of Richard Dawson’s death when he passed away at the age of 79 years from Esophageal Cancer. At the time of his death, all his friends and family were by his side thus we can say that the man had a peaceful goodbye and not only that to honour his contribution to the field of entertainment on June 7, 2012, GSN network hosted a four-hour marathon of Richard Dawson’s greatest moments on Match Game and Family Feud.