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Peter Dinklage Net Worth

Peter Dinklage Net Worth 2020

Peter Dinklage is an actor and a film producer with a US nationality. He studied acting at the Bennington College, where he went on to feature in very many amateur stage productions. His film debut was in the year 1995 after he landed his first role. He has been known for the role he played in a television series by the name ‘Game of Thrones.’ This series aired on HBO. He is among the highest paid actors in TV Cinema. Keep reading to learn more about Peter Dinklage in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Peter Dinklage Net Worth 2020

Peter Dinklage was born in the year 1969 on June 11th to John Dinklage who is working as an insurance salesperson and Diane Dinklage who was working as an elementary music teacher. His place of birth is in Morristown, New Jersey and he grew up in Brookside, New Jersey as a dwarf.

While he was growing up, together with his brothers they were performing in the puppet musicals. Dinklage has described several times his brother who is a violinist as the best performer in the family.

When he was in his fifth grade, that was the time when he had his first theatrical success after he had a chance to feature in a production dubbed ‘The Velveteen Rabbit.’ He played the lead role and was very happy after a warm response from the audience.

Dinklage schooled at Delbarton School. In the year 1984, after watching a production of a play that was titled ‘True West,’ he felt more convinced to follow his dreams of being an actor. After completing his high school education, he would join Bennington College where he studied a drama degree.

Personal Life

Dinklage is a family man who fell in love with Erica Schmidt. Their love did grow, and in the year 2005, that was the time that the two did tie the knot. The couple has been blessed with two children with whom they live in New York. The couple has enjoyed stability in their marriage, and there is no sign of divorce.

Career, Awards & Nominations

He has been active in the film industry since the year 1991. He had a very hard time in the beginning, but in 1995, he got a role in a film that was dubbed ‘Oblivion.’ This was a low budget film, and the film got to be based on a story of a dwarf that was a struggling actor in the United States of America.

Later on, he did appear in a drama film that was dubbed ‘Bullet’ which also featured the rapper by the name ‘Tupac Shakur.’ He received very good responses for the way he played the role. However, he admitted that he had struggled to fulfill this role. His breakthrough would come in the year 2003.

This was when he was part of the cast in a movie that was dubbed ‘The Station Agent.’ The movie became a very big hit and earned him nominations to various awards. Among them, they included a Screen Actors Guild Award. Later on, he started to land in various roles. He has appeared in a comedy film Elf in the year 2003. Over time, he has appeared in various films that have gone on and become a very big hit and among them: Ice Age and X-Men. He has also won Primetime Emmy Awards and also the Golden Globe Award.

Net Worth & Earnings

Dinklage net worth is estimated to be over $20 million. His wealth has come from his vast career in the film industry. He has appeared in very many films as well as television series. It is estimated that he did earn $150,000 in each episode of the Game of Thrones.

Among the well-known characters in the Game of Thrones series is Dinklage. Despite being a dwarf, this has never stopped him from enjoying the normal life as he has a family and a career that is going on very well. He has two children who he adores very much, and he has admitted that his family is the most valuable asset in his life.


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