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Peter Criss Net Worth

Peter Criss Net Worth 2020

Peter Criss is a popular American actor as well as a musician. He is well known for being a drummer in a hard rock band which is known as Kiss. In this band, he is known as ‘The Catman’. In addition to being a drummer, he is also a producer, songwriter, as well as an author. Some of the music genres he has specialized in include Jazz, Heavy Metal, and the Hard Rock music genres.

Peter Criss was also a member of other bands such as Chelsea and The Barracudas. Above all, he has also been featured in television movies and series as an actor. Keep reading this article to know more about the net worth of Peter Criss in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Peter Criss Net Worth 2020

Peter Criss was born on 20th December in the year 1945 in Brooklyn, New York. He was born to his parents by the name Joseph Criscuola and Loretta. He has other four siblings in which he is the eldest of them all. During his childhood he was a friend to Jerry Nolan who is also a drummer. He began developing the interest on music since his childhood through which he was a big fan of the Gene Krupa from his extra-ordinary drumming styles.

In his studies, he was passionate in arts as well as used to play together with the bandleader known as Joey Greco. He later had a great opportunity in learning from a mentor at the Metropole Club known as Gene Krupa. After this, he then commenced his journey in music by playing rock as well as Jazz together with other bands in New Jersey and New York.

Personal Life

Peter Criss tied knots with his first wife in the year 1970 who was known as Lydia Di Leonardo though they later separated in the year 1979. During the time while in marriage, he was still dating Debra Jensen who was a fame model. He then married Debra Jensen after breaking up in the first marriage through which they got one daughter known as Jenilee. They separated in 1994 after which he then married his third wife known as Gigi Criss in the year 1998.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Peter Criss commenced his professional career by working with different bands through which he joined the Chelsea band and they released their first album in 1971. This band failed and after this, he then met Gene Simmons together with Paul Stanley who were in an interest of getting a new band member. Together with Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley, Peter Criss formed a band known as Kiss.

This band then got to its popularity within a very short period of time following their distinct costumes, energetic music as well as painted faces. They then released their first self-titled album in the year 1974 where he was the lead singer with some of their major hits which include songs such as Black Diamond, Beth and Hard Luck Woman. As a matter of fact, his song known as Beth became a great hit gathering several awards and topping the charts.

In addition to this, he has also worked on the solo career through which he has released some of his solo albums though they have not be a great success. He has also been featured in some films such as Detroit Rock City and Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park among other television series. With this, he has won several awards together with different nominations following his excellent performance in his career.

Net Worth & Earnings

Peter Criss has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. This comes from his major sources of income which include the earnings he has made from his rock band, live tours, discography together with some of his solo albums which he has made sales contributing to his earnings. His four albums has been seen to earn him an estimation of about $1.5 million and that with the Kiss band earning him $700 thousand.

Peter Criss is a legend in the music industry through which he has gotten much popularity. he has been always dedicated in his career which has a result has made him to become one of the most successful musicians within a short period of time.


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