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Mike Wolfe Net Worth

Mike Wolfe Net Worth 2020

Mike Wolfe is an American actor and television personality. He is best known for his involvement in the History Channel’s Show ‘the American Pickers’. Mike is the show’s writer, creator, director and producer. Below is a quick summary of the career, net worth and earnings of Mike Wolfe in 2020.

Early life and Biography

Mike Wolfe Net Worth 2020

Mike Wolfe was born on 11 June 1964 in Joliet, Illinois, USA. He was raised by a single mother together with his two siblings Robbie Wolfe and Beth Wolfe. He grew up in Iowa’s Bettendorf where he started collecting things as a child. At the age of six, he was already picking items from his neighbors’ trash, and he has never looked back to this day.

He became a professional picker during his teen years, and he turned his picking to a career. He loved bicycles and had several in his ‘ picking’. He eventually became a biker and even participated in various races.

Personal life

Mike Wolfe married Jodi Faeth in September 2012. The couple had been together seventeen years prior to their marriage. They have a daughter together called Charlie Faeth Wolf. They also have a thirty years old son from Jodi’s past relationship.

Mike’s siblings have appeared on his reality show ‘American Pickers’ as well as his children. Mike Wolfe is actively involved in charity work. He has helped to raise funds for various organizations like Animal shelters, Operation Smile, ASCPA and the St. Jude’s Childrens ‘ Hospital.

Career, awards, and nominations

Mike Wolfe’s career started from childhood as he started collecting things at a very young age. When he grew up, he could collect various items which he later sold at a shop he was running in La Claire.

He created the reality series ‘ American Pickers’ in 2010. The show premiered on the history channel, and it starred Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. Its premier attracted over 3.1 Million viewers, and it was a hit. Mike was the executive producer as well as the director.

In the show, the main cast traveled around peoples’ homes and garages and ‘pick’ various items. They had brought back commercial signals, film posters, old advertisements among others. The reality show became a huge success, and as of 2018, they had aired more than 200 episodes in eighteen seasons. The nineteenth season premiered on April 19, 2018.

The success of the show has led to starting of other similar shows like ‘Picked Off’, ‘Picker Sisters’, ‘Canadian Pickers’ and ‘Aussie Pickers’. Mike created ‘Kid Pickers’ a kid’s initiative that helps children share their picking stories.

Apart from acting Mike Wolfe is an author. He published his first book in 2011 called ‘American Pickers Guide To Picking’. He later released another book mainly for children called ‘ Kid Pickers: How to Turn Junk Into Treasure’.

So far Mike has not won any major award but being a successful actor is one of the biggest accomplishment of his career. Being still active in his career a lot is expected from him including awards and nominations in the future.

Net worth and earnings

Mike Wolfe’s net worth is estimated to be $6.5 Million. His appearance in the reality series has been the major source of his wealth. He also owns many stores in Nashville, Iowa, LeClaire and Tenessee. The sale of his books has also brought him a good amount of money.

Mike Wolfe started picking as a hobby when he was young. He has however transformed it into a successful career through his reality show. He continues entertaining his fans around the world and teaching them on picking as well. His fans should expect more from him as he is still active on his career.


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