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Lou Diamond Phillips Net Worth

Lou Diamond Phillips Net Worth 2020

Lou Diamond Philips is a renowned American director and actor. His breakthrough came when he was able to feature as Ritchie Valens in a drama film that was titled ‘La Bamba.’ He had received a nomination to the various awards for the excellent skills that he had displayed when it came to the various movies and television shows. Keep on reading to learn more on the net worth and earnings of Lou Diamond Philips in the year 2019.

Early Life & Biography

Lou Diamond Phillips Net Worth 2020

Diamond was born in the year 1962 on February 17th in the Philippines and was the son of Lucita Umayam and Gerald Upchurch. His father was a Marine Crew Chief, and the mother had natives of Candelaria. He got named after the United States Marines Corp legend by the name Lou Diamond. After the death of his father, he went on to take his stepfather’s surname, Phillips. He grew up in Texas, and he graduated from the Flour Bluff High School which was located in Corpus Christi in the year 1980 from the University of Texas located at the Arlington with the BFA in Drama.

Personal Life

He tied the knot with Julie Cypher, who was working as an assistant director. They tied the knot in 1987 on September 17th. After three years of being together, the two went on and divorced. Cypher would announce that she was a lesbian and she started to date Melissa Etheridge. He had dated Jennifer Tilly before they got engaged. The two never got married. He is married to Yvonne Boismier, in the year 2004 and the couple has been blessed with a daughter.

Career, Awards & Nominations

He began his career by featuring in the low budget film that was titled Trespasses. His breakthrough came after he was able to feature in the La Bamba of 1987, where he was performing the role of Ritchie Valens. Before he had a breakthrough, the actor was featured in an episode that had the title ‘Red Tape.’ Also, he was able to perform within the film that was titled ‘American Me,’ during the mid-1990s and he worked as a vocalist by Los Angeles rock group that was known as ‘The Pipefitters.’ In the year 1996, he noted that his Broadway that was based on King Oscar Hammerstein. He has been nominated for the various awards including Tony Awards and the Drama Desk Award.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Lou Diamond Philips is estimated to be over $7 million. This wealth has been generated from his career as an actor and a director. He achieved his breakthrough when he featured in a film that was titled ‘La Bamba.’ Also, he got engaged in the drama club productions and the local comedy cast.

Lou Diamond Philips is among the few actors who were never expected to make such a huge impact in the industry. Later on, through hard work and determination, he has gone and created a huge impact in the industry which has made him a force to reckon with.


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