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Lee Majors Net Worth

Lee Majors Net Worth 2020

Lee Majors is a famous American TV and voice actor who also works in the movies. He is very famous for playing the role of Col. Steve Austin in the action science series from the year 1973 to the year 1978. He is very famous for his role of Heath Barkley in the TV series named The Big Valley from the year 1965 to the year 1969. If you are interested in knowing the net worth of Lee Majors in 2020, then you can read this article ahead.

Early Life & Biography

Lee Majors Net Worth 2020

He was born on 23rd April in the year 1939 in Wyandotte in Michigan. His parents are Alice Year and Carl, and then they were killed in the accidents. When he was just 2, he was adopted by his Aunt and uncle, and then they went to Middlesboro. He used to go to Middlesboro High School, and they completed his graduation in the year 1957.

He also got a scholarship from the Indiana University, and he also participated in the sports competition. He used to play the game in the first year of his college but then he suffered from the back injury because of which he was paralyzed for around fifteen days, and from then he had to leave playing the game. He completed his graduation in the year 1962 in Physical Education and History.

Personal Life

He got married to Kathy Robinson in the year 1961 and had one child and then took divorce from the year 1964. In the year 1973, he got married to Farah Fawcett and later divorced in the year 1982. His third marriage was with Karen Velez in the year 1988 with which he had twin sons and one daughter. They got divorced in the year 1994. At last, he got married to Faith Cross who is a famous model and actress in the year 2002. In the year 2003, he had to go through a heart bypass surgery.

Career, Awards & Nominations

When he was twenty-five years old, he got the first role in the move Straitjacket in the year 1964. He got his major break in the series in The Big Valley. He had signed a long-term contract with the Universal Studios and gained wealth with it. In the 1980s, he returned in the famous TV series in which he played a major role. In the year 1990, he got a role in Keaton Cop and then played many roles in different movies. He has also given his voice for various series and video games.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Lee Majors is around $18 million by working in the television series. Majors has played many famous roles in movies, and he was also offered for trying out in the football team, but he decided to enter the entertainment industry. He got a role in The Big Valley and also been married for four times.

Lee Major is a famous actor in the TV series, and he started his career when he was 25, and he was able to gain a huge recognition from an early age. He also gave his voice for several projects and played roles in famous TV series with which he was able to gain nominations and awards. He got married four times in his life, and his fourth and present wife is Faith Cross with whom he is living at present. He was able to become a millionaire by working in TV series because he gave remarkable performances which made him famous soon in his career.


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