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Kirk Douglas Net Worth

Kirk Douglas Net Worth 2020

Kirk Douglas is a famous director, producer, and actor from America. From the Golden Age, he is one of the last surviving superstars. He made his film debut in the year 1946 and later on, he worked in different types of movies, and he has appeared in more than ninety movies in his whole career.

He is extremely famous for his unique acting style. He became an international start by working on the movie Champion in the year 1949. In the year 1955, he established Bryna Productions. If you are interested in checking net worth of Kirk Douglas in 2020, then you can read this article.

Early Life & Biography

Kirk Douglas Net Worth 2020

He was born on 9th December in the year 1916 in New York in the United States. He was born to Bryna and Issur Danielovitch in Amsterdam in New York. In the year 1988, his autobiography was published, and he and his family had to suffer a lot in the in earlier times. He had six sisters and his parents, and they had to suffer a lot.

His father was a horse trader and became a ragman and used to collect rags and junk for money. Kirk used to sell snacks to the mill workers in the early age so that he can get milk and bread for his family. After this, he started selling newspapers and later on, he had more than forty jobs before he started acting. In high school, he used to perform in plays and then he came to know that he has got interested in the acting field.

Personal Life

He has married two times in his life, and at first, he was married to Diana Dill on 2nd November in the year 1943 but then divorced in the year 1951. Both of them had two sons named Joel Douglas and Michael Douglas. He met Anne Burdens in Paris, and he got married to her on 29th May in the year 1954 in Hanover in Germany. Both of them had sons named Eric and Peter among which Peter was a producer while Eric was an actor. Eric Douglas died because of an alcohol overdose in the year 2004.

Career, Awards & Nominations

He started working in movies in the 1940s and then starred in the movie Champion in the year 1949. He became a famous box office star in the 1950s, and he has been famous for his roles in a different genre of movies. He has won a number of awards and recognition for his movies. There was a time when he was not able to give hit movies, but he never let himself feel weak and paid full dedication towards his acting.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Kirk Douglas is $65 million, and he has been able to accumulate this much wealth by working as an actor. He has given eight successful films because of which he has been able to become such a famous star today. He is the father of Michael Douglas who is also a superstar in the acting field.

Kirk Douglas was an actor, and also he was a great philanthropist. He used to donate money to various charities and used to care for poor people and children. He also paid money to the health charities and never made money for himself only. His father wasn’t a rich person but a ragman, and even then Kirk worked hard to reach the position at which no one imagined he could be. He won a lot of awards and recognition in his life and will be remembered by the people forever.


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