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Ken Jeong Net Worth

Ken Jeong Net Worth 2020

Whoever said that one should put their money where their mouth is, did not lie. This saying best describes one medical doctor turn actor Ken Jeong. He never shied away from following his passion despite his parent’s advice that he concentrate on a stable career. In fact, he gave his passion his all. It paid off and handsomely as well. What is Ken Jeong net worth in 2020, and what has he been through to get where he currently is? This piece answers those questions.

Early Life & Biography

Ken Jeong Net Worth 2020

Jeong was born in Detroit Michigan to South Korean parents. The star grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina, and here his dad was a professor at the University of North Carolina A&T. While growing, he drew his inspiration from comedians like Bill Cosby as well as Jim Carrey. Despite his love for acting, his parents would advise him to pursue a somehow ‘stable’ career as maybe they thought being an actor was not quite sustainable. This is why he thought of pursuing his medical career.

He completed his undergraduate work at Duke in 1990 and earned his medical degree from North Carolina University, Chapel Hill in 1995. He followed his passion concurrently with his internal medicine residency at Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans.

Personal Life

Before delving more about his achievements, it is worth noting that the physician turned comedian and actor is a licensed physician. He had mad love for acting thus forgoing his medical career for acting. Ken’s father had a great sense of humor, which the actor claims to have inherited. While at the Walter Hines Page High School, Jeong played in the orchestra besides being involved in the student council.

Actor Jeong is already taken. He is a family man married to a Vietnamese-American wife, Tran Ho, who also practices family medicine. They are blessed with twin daughters, Zooey and Alexa.

Career, Award & Nominations

While working at Kaiser Permanente as a practicing physician, he used to also perform both at the Laugh Factory Comedy Clubs and Improv. He came to limelight in 2009 in The Hangover film series as well as being a regular on the NBC show dubbed Community.

These gigs at Improv and Laugh Factory Comedy Clubs equipped him with the experience he needed to become a high profile comedian and actor. He first appeared on The View, in ABC and got the name; The Funniest Doctor in America. This was followed with a lot of television appearances like Curb Your Enthusiasm in 2000, The HBO’s Entourage in 2004, The Office in NBC, 2005 as well as Boston Legal, ABC.

His feature film debut like the 2007’s Wisecracking Doctor in Judd Apatow and Knocked Up further opened his doors. He landed more roles in famous films such as Role Models, Pineapple Express and Step Brothers, in 2008. He also was featured in the series All About Steve in 2009.

Throughout his career, this actor has garnered three awards namely, MTV Movie + TV Awards with the 2009’s series, The Hangover, The Streamy Awards, TV Guide Awards. He has been nominated for Awards Circuit Community Awards, MTV Movie + TV Awards for the best villain in 2009, Razzie Awards (2012) and much more.

Net Worth & Earnings

As it currently stands, Ken Jeong net worth is estimated to be $15 million. Jeong has been featured extensively in a variety of advertising campaigns such as Coke Zero, American Heart Association as well as Pepto-Bismol. He also hosted the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas back in 2011. All these puts together show how the actor has tirelessly and aggressively worked hard over the years to create wealth.

Various lessons can be drawn from actor Jeong’s career path. Among them, it is advisable to follow your passion and believe in your self despite what others may think. Secondly, it pays off for one to be patient, learn the ropes and strive to succeed as nothing comes easy. Finally, it is rewarding, in the end, to be ready to care and show compassion to the one you love.


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