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Jon Cryer Net Worth

Jon Cryer Net Worth 2020

Jonathan Niven Cryer is a television director and actor who were born in show business family. He got recognition when he started doing films, but it took him a lot of years to get succeeded in TV world. He has also played fantastic roles in sitcoms. Jonathan has made appearances in movies like hot shots, hiding out and many more. Now, you can check out life, biography, career and net worth of Jon Cryer in 2020 in this article.

Early Life & Biography

Jon Cryer Net Worth 2020

He was born on 16th April in the year 1965 in New York City. His mother is a famous actress, songwriter, and playwright and her name is Gretchen Cryer. His father was actor and singer named Donald David Cryer. He has got two sisters named Shelly and Robin. When he was just 12, he decided to become an actor. Later on, he went to the Stage door Manor training center where he learned arts. In the year 1983, he completed his graduation from Bronx High School. He has also studied in Dramatic Art Academy in London.

Personal Life

He got married to Sarah Trigger in the year 1999 and had a son named Charlie Austin. Both of them got a divorce in the year 2004. In the year 2007, he announced that he would get married to Lisa Joyner who is an entertainment reporter. Both of them got married in that year and the year 2009, they adopted a baby girl and named her Daisy. Jonathan has also been quite active in the politics and raised fund for the McCain Campaign in the year 2008. He also shares his feelings regarding the political campaigns.

Career, Awards & Nominations

In the year 1989, he gave his first acting effort. When he was 19, he worked in a romantic movie. Later on, he played a role in the movie hotshots along with Charlie Sheen. In the year 1995, he worked in a sitcom named Partners. He has also given a lot of unsuccessful TV series, but later on, he gave hit shows with which he was able to win a lot of awards and nominations.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Jon Cryer is around $70 million. He got huge recognition when he started appearing the comedy movies in the 1980s. He is famous for his role in a sitcom. He was also the 2nd highest actor paid on TV at a time, and he has also appeared in films with which he has been able to earn huge amount of money. He also does voice works for the radio with which he can add wealth to his net worth.

Jon Cryer who is an actor became famous with his TV shows, and at first, he wasn’t able to get huge recognition. Later on, he tried a lot and became famous when he worked in the Hot Shots movie with the well-known actor Charlie Sheen. He has also won a lot of nominations till now and has been able to win a lot of awards till now. He is the person who has been able to earn huge amount of money till now.

He has also worked in sitcoms in which he has fantastic performance. He has also been ranked as the second highest paid actor in the TV world. At present, he is married to Lisa Joyner and has a daughter with her. He is living happily with his wife and daughter in his house and works as a successful actor.


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