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Joey Lawrence Net Worth

Joey Lawrence Net Worth 2020

Joey Lawrence aka Joseph Lawrence is a well-known face in the world of showbiz. He is an American singer, host, and an actor. He rose to fame with his roles in famous sitcoms like Blossoms, Melissa and Joey and Brotherly Love. Funnily enough, in all these sitcoms his characters were named Joey thus he became popular as Joey amongst his fans and friends.

Besides being a successful actor, Joey Lawrence is also a well-known singer and a lyricist. He co-wrote quite a number of materials including the chartbuster ‘Nothing my love can’t fix’. On the other hand, Joey Lawrence has also exhibited his inbound skill and talent as a record producer, game show host, singer-songwriter, and also a remarkable actor in the Hollywood. Let’s find out more about net worth of Joey Lawrence in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

On 20 April 1976, Joey Lawrence was born in Miami in the United States and thus he was born with an American nationality. Originally, Joey Lawrence was born with the name as ‘Joseph Lawrence Migogna Jr.’. Joey Lawrence was born to father ‘Joseph Lawrence Mignogna Jr. who was an insurance broker by profession and mother ‘Donna Lawrence’ who was a school teacher as well as a manager by profession.

Joey Lawrence Net Worth 2020

Joey Lawrence belonged to the Italian descent. Joey has grown up along with his two other siblings ‘Andy Lawrence’ and the other one is the ‘Matt Lawrence’. Joey Lawrence did his schooling from the ‘Abington Friends School’. Joey Lawrence did his college from the ‘University of Southern California’.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

At the age of only 5, Joey Lawrence featured in the popular television show ‘The Tonight Show’ with the song ‘Give My Regards to Broadway’.

Joey Lawrence gave a kick-start to his career with the ‘Cracker Jack’ commercial where he got notable recognition and popularity from the viewing public to a large extent. This significantly increased his popularity and demand with the on-screen performance largely in the United States.

In 1993, Joey Lawrence independently released his first debut album by his own name ‘Joey Lawrence’.

Joey has also featured as a special guest for the television series ‘Silver Spoons’ and the ‘Diff’rent Strokes’.

Lawrence has also lent his voice over for the children animated film ‘Oliver & Company’.

Next, Lawrence has also featured in the television series ‘Blossom’.

Next, Lawrence has starred in the television series ‘Brotherly Love’.

Lawrence has also appeared in the short cameo roles in the television series as ‘Urban Legends: Final Cut’ and the other one is the ‘CSI: NY’.

Lawrence with much enthusiasm and energy has given dance performance along with the dancer ‘Edyta’ in the ‘Dancing with the Superstars’.

Next, Lawrence gave a major hit single with his musical talent such as the ‘Rolled’ which has reached the Billboard Top 100 list in the number 6th position.

Joey Lawrence’s biggest achievement in life was when he got unbeatable response and feedback in the musical career. His two hit numbers have reached the 6th number at the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay. Next, Joey Lawrence reached the 10th position at the Billboard top 40 mainstream. On the other hand, Joey Lawrence has held the 19th position at the Billboard Hot 100.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The total estimated net worth of Joey Lawrence is about -$500 thousand approximately. The unbeatable performance of Joey Lawrence has fetched him a high net income which is incredibly significant and praiseworthy, but recently ‘Blossom’ actor Joey Lawrence files for bankruptcy.

The remarkable deeds of Joey Lawrence in the films are truly mesmerizing and worth watching by every viewers and audience across the world.


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