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Jan-Michael Vincent Net Worth

Jan-Michael Vincent Net Worth 2020

Jan-Michael Vincent is a famous American actor. He became most renowned after enacting in the popular television series, ‘Airwolf.’ This series helped Jan-Michael Vincent to be the highest paid actor in American movies. Continue reading to find the estimated net worth of Jan-Michael Vincent as of 2019.

Early Life & Biography:

Jan-Michael Vincent Net Worth 2020

Jan-Michael Vincent was born on 15th July 1944 in Denver, Colorado, the US, to Doris and Llyod Vincent. His father, Llyod Vincent was in billboard as a businessman. Jan-Michael has a brother named Christopher Vincent. Jan-Michael Vincent studied from Hanford High school. Later, Jan-Michael Vincent earned his degree in Arts from the Ventura College.

Personal Life:

Jan-Michael Vincent and Bonnie Purman got married and had a daughter named Amber. However, the marriage did not last when Jan became an alcoholic. Jan-Michael Vincent married Joanne Robinson, a model, yet, she also left him. At present, Jan-Michael Vincent and his third wife, Patricia Ann, are living in Mississippi.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

A talent scout noticed Jan-Michael Vincent enjoying surfing. Jan-Michael Vincent enacted in his first film 1967s ‘The Bandits’ (Los Banditos) with Robert Conrad. His breakthrough in acting was in the soap opera, ‘The Survivors’ with Lara Turner and George Hamilton.

In the 1960s, Jan-Michael Vincent signed with Universal Studios and landed up with numerous television series including ‘The Survivors’ and ‘Dragnet.’ Also, Jan-Michael Vincent worked on the big 20th Century Fox production movie called ‘The Undefeated.’ Same time, Jan-Michael Vincent enacted in several famous movies ‘The Mechanic’ and ‘Tribes.’ Also, Jan-Michael Vincent was in box-office hit like ‘Big Wednesday’ and ‘The World’s Greatest Athlete.’ Eventually, Jan-Michael Vincent played the most significant role as Stringfellow Hawke, a helicopter pilot, in the 1960s ‘Airwolf’ television series. His acting career in television series and movies lasted for over three decades.

Jan-Michael Vincent became a famous star and the highest paid actor. After the show was over, Jan-Michael Vincent’s acting career went downhill. He was offered to enact in some movies including Ice Cream Man, Raw Nerve, and Red Line. Unfortunately, the acting career of Jan-Michael Vincent declined due to his alcohol and drug abuse.

Jan-Michael Vincent was attractive and had good acting skills. He got positive reviews on enacting his role in the movie ‘Tribes.’ He got nominated two times for the Golden Globe for the movie 1972s ‘Going Home’ and miniseries 1984s ‘The Winds of War.’ Jan-Michael Vincent won the Bronze Wrangler from the Western Heritage Museum for enacting in the movie ‘Bite the Bullet.’ This award was shared with the writer, director and other actors of the movie.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The net worth of Jan-Michael Vincent is $500 thousand. Most of Jan-Michael Vincent’s wealth comes from his career as an actor. He has appeared on big screen movies and television series. At one point in his career, Jan-Michael Vincent was the highest paid television actor. Jan-Michael Vincent has worked with well-known production houses namely Fox, Universal, and Disney. Both movies ‘The World’s Greatest Athlete’ and ‘Bite the Bullet’ were box office hits earning around $5 million.

Before retiring in 2002, Jan-Michael Vincent enacted in the independent movie ‘Whiteboy’ referred to as ‘Menace’ in US videos. Currently, Jan-Michael Vincent is leading his quiet retired life with his family.